Auditions in Minneapolis, MN for Power Rangers Fan Film


Short Power Rangers origin story film “Power”

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Audition / Call Type: Films

Power Rangers Fan Film Casting Call

Summary of Plot:
Surya, an archeology intern trying desperately to get a foot in the door of a research project, with the help of Stella, his professor’s disillusioned assistant, discovers a plot by his professor to use ancient and powerful artifacts to build weapons. The two work together to try to stop him, but when Stella’s plans start to go darker and too far, Surya must use what they’ve learned about the artifacts to stop her.

Character list:
Professor Tanner: White male in 40s-70s (can pass for younger 40s). The secondary antagonist, a generally dismissive and arrogant professor.

Federal Agent: Adult male, preferably over 30 (but doesn’t have to be). A nameless man in the suit who wants to use Professor Tanner’s archeological discovery to build weapons.

Cody: Male POC student, 18-25. A supportive grad student who makes an effort to pull Surya into the group and acts as a guide for him later on.

Clara: Female student, 18-25. One of Surya’s roommates, kind of pessimistic and cynical.

Ry: Male student, 18-25. One of Surya’s roommates, optimistic and supportive.

Jamie: Non-binary/male/female student, 18-25. One of Surya’s roommates, generally kind of distracted.

Ben: White male student, 18-25. Cody’s friend and former lab partner, kind of shy.

Vic: Male student, 18-25. Acquaintance of Surya’s who is impressed by his achievement.

Grad students (3-5): White male students, 18-25. Archaeology students invited to participate in research with Professor Tanner.

Newscaster: 18+. Needed for one scene of a news clip playing on a screen.

Project lead (Jai Iyer)’s past experience: performed in 3 student-made film projects last year (involving live-action and voiceover work), took Acting with Bob Rosen and Dominic Rodgers (THDA 120), attended workshops on video editing and filming. In the process of recruiting more directors from MCST.

Filming schedule: Main filming is scheduled for Thanksgiving Break (Nov 23-27). Some scenes could be shot if need be on a flexible schedule before or after Thanksgiving break. If need be, some filming could occur in the 2nd semester. Schedules are generally flexible!

Screening of project: Will be scheduled within a week of project completion.

Compensation: I will order pizza during the wrap party/screening for everyone involved on the production!

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: Minneapolis, MN
Please submit to: by 11/20/2022 11:30 PM

Simply email me your interest in the project and list any prior acting experience (although not at all required!”

This casting notice was posted by: Jai Iyer

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