Calling Sports Memorabilia Collectors


Casting collectors of sports items and memorabilia.

Are you passionate about your collection of sports memorabilia?

Calling all sports collectors! Producers of the hit show “Pawn Stars” and major film star and Executive Producer John Cena are scouring the nation for the most iconic pieces of sports history for a brand new TV series!

Are you passionate about collecting sports memorabilia?

Do you have iconic, rare or even infamous items from some of the biggest moments in sports history?

Does your sports item(s) have a truly incredible story behind it?

If so, we want to hear from you! Please email with your name, age, contact info, some details about your item(s) and the story behind them, and photos if possible. Must be 18+. Collectors selected to be on the show are compensated for their time.
PRIVACY POLICY: Additional terms and conditions apply.


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