Casting Call for Pranksters Ready to Pull Off The Ultimate Prank


Ready to pull off the ultimate prank?

Would you love to see your planned prank bigger, better and actually on television for an audience to see?

If you live in or around the Los Angeles area, a team of what is being described as “legendary pranksters” and a major television network would love to hear all about your planned prank and who you are planning to pull if off on.

Casting directors for a TV show are looking for the ultimate pranks and the people who have planned to pull them, would love to share their own story and maybe have been lacking the guts, the know how or the money to actually pull off the prank of their dreams.

Got a prank idea to pull on a friend or a family member? Help may be on the way as the show is looking for folks who have the prank and are looking for some help in making it all come together.

The show is looking for pranksters with an amazing back story to share about their dream prank, whether the prank is some serious payback or just some good, old fashioned sadism, the show would love to hear all about it.

Check out the casting notice below for the details on how to get your prank and yourself on the show.


Do you have a prank idea that you’ve always wanted to pull off on a friend or family member?

But don’t have the know-how, guts or money to pull it off?

Well a team of legendary pranksters are here to help you!

If you live in Los Angeles and are ready to pull off the prank of your dreams, please email us your NAME, CONTACT INFO, LOCATION, RECENT PHOTO AND PRANK IDEA TO


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