New hidden camera series “Scream & Shout” is now casting

Are you a practical joker that loves freaking out your friends?

Calling all pranksters, jokers and freak out kings for a new hidden camera reality show that is currently called “Scream & Shout“. Are you dying for a chance to pull off the perfect prank on a friend or a family member?  If so, you now have a chance to apply for the show because casting directors at Doron Ofir are looking for young adults between the ages of 18 and 27 who want to do just that.

Scream and Shout” is an all-new, high-concept hidden camera show aimed to capture candid reactions to the most outrageous and scary practical jokes ever played out on television! Sound fun?

Do you love to startle and scare? Do you have a desire to freak out friends and family? Do you need to prank someone back or play a joke on a friend?

Now casting pranksters nationwide for a new hidden camera reality show

If you are perpetual prankster with a track record of amusing and sometimes terrifying antics, then this is the perfect show for you!

Doron Ofir Casting is currently seeking mischievous males and females between the ages of 18-27 who would love the opportunity to pull off the perfect prank on an unsuspecting friend, family member or coworker.

Scare, startle and make them scream and shout.

If you’re ready to have a wicked last laugh, then apply now at Be ready, it is a bit of a long application form that you will need to fill out.

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