Casting Outgoing Seniors 55+ in Los Angeles for “Golden Years” Podcast Show


Got cool grandparents?

Casting Call for Seniors in Los Angeles.

Do you know any very funny and really outgoing seniors who would love a chance to embark on a brand new journey? Do you know any outgoing seniors, or are you an outgoing senior that is looking to reinvent themselves and would be be willing to share the story of their journey?

If so, read on.

A major podcast producer is now casting for folks who are 55+ and actually live in the L.A. area who are aware that the best years of their lives lie ahead of them or people that would love the best years of their lives to be those years that are coming up.

Whatever the journey may be… it may be retirement, starting a new career, being single again, or whatever the major transition of their lives may be, the show and the show’s casting team want to hear all about it and would love the opportunity to share their lives and their new adventures in real time on a pod cast.

If you know somebody who is embarking on a new chapter of their lives and is 55+, check out the casting call on this page for all the details on how to nominate somebody to be featured on the show.

Casting Notice:

Who has the coolest parents or grandparents out there? Cornwell Casting is looking for people 55+ in the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AREA to participate in this once in a lifetime experience! We’re casting fun, outgoing seniors who are embarking on a new journey, reinventing themselves or currently living their best lives and willing to share their stories!

If you know someone, please nominate them via our super quick casting app!


If it’s YOU that wants to apply, fill out our casting app here:

Any questions can be emailed to

This is a quick casting (and it is paid if you are selected) so apply asap!



2 thoughts on “Casting Outgoing Seniors 55+ in Los Angeles for “Golden Years” Podcast Show

  1. Angela (Angie) McCue-Tori

    Hi, I have to say I have never wanted to be a 6 months older than I am right now, but seeing this Golden Years podcast audition, LOL really does!! I will be 55 in July. I have been in LA since July 2021. I moved away from CO after 21 years. I packed up my car and ran for my life, literally. I had a place temporarily and my 21 daughter has been here since 2018 a FIDM college graduate since 2020. I have an 18 year old son in CO. I needed a new start, and I am so proud of myself to have finally cut ties with my ex-husband after 30 years. It had become a very dangerous, toxic situation for the last 5 years. Only a 1200 mile distance could accomplish that. My life until now has been everyone in my life who needed me. My kids especially (both grown healthy and productive members of society.) My parents and my ex-husband. Now it’s me at 54, learning to do things for myself. I have been the loneliest I have ever been in my life, bored. No friends at all in LA., I do have a wonderful job working for a beautiful wedding venue in LA. as their fulltime house woman. And I truly love it. I have not started looking to start dating again, not that I’m NOT interested. I am interesting woman, have worked in many fields. I am in good health and drink socially do not have a criminal history. I have become a YouTube fan in the past few years got away from mainstream TV. True Crime is a favorite podcast genre of mine. And discussed the interest in finding out how to work with a true crime podcaster out here in LA. I thought it could be a position as a researcher for one of the podcasters I enjoy.

    That’s about all I have to say right now. Please email me if you have any questions. What a fun idea you have come up with for the podcast. It does not seem possible that I am old enough to even be considered a senior!!!

  2. Anita Peralez

    I have always been told that I should be on stage and not the one leaving in 10 minutes. I am 69 years young and love to travel. When I walk into a setting I have no fear of talking to the first person I see. I was voted most mischievous in my high school yearbook and have the written word from my fellow classmates on all the goofball pranks I played on them in high school! To this day I am always told, “oh, you are sooooo funny!” I would love to try and make you laugh if you have a sense of humor?


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