Casting Restaurants Needing a Makeover

Casting Call for Fix Our Family Restaurant Show – Nationwide.

Are you part of a family that owns a family restaurant?

Big Fish Entertainment and a major cable network are now casting for great family owned restaurants that are in serious need of a great makeover.

Is your family owned restaurant known for having the best food in town?

Do people line up to trey your signature dishes?

Is your decor outdated?

Do you believe that your outdated decor may be holding your restaurant back?

Do you believe a makeover can put your restaurant back on track to success?


If the above sounds like you and your family owned business, check out the casting notice / flyer in order to find out how to get on the show and have your restaurant featured.


Great opportunity for the right family restaurant!

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  1. Giorgio

    14 years and I’ve never remodeled, mostly because I try and do everything myself so I never have the time. I love my place and I will never expand but w3 are outdated and still use handwritten checks. I’m 45 years old and I own the restaurant with my wife who is battling breast cancer. My 15 yr old daughter also works with me.

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