Relative Justice Casting People Whose Relatives Owe Them Money

Got an issue with a relative who owes you money?

The court TV series Relative Justice is currently filming season 2 and is looking for people who are looking for some financial justice.

Casting Notice:

We are currently booking the second season of the syndicated court series “Relative Justice” with Judge Rhonda Wills.

Does your family member owe you money? Did they borrow your car and get a ticket? Does your family member say that they loaned you money when it was just a gift? Did a family member steal your inheritance?

If you have a dispute with a family member, NOW is your chance to get your money back and resolve your family issues once and for all! The only qualifications needed are a dispute with a family member (related by blood, marriage, or child).

We offer the following:
$300 paid to each litigant for their appearance.
Awards/Judgements are paid for by production up to $5000.
Travel/Flights/Hotels to Lexington, KY are covered by production.

There are no out-of-pocket expenses for either side. Must be 18+ and available to shoot sometime in July.

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