Theater Auditions in Vancouver, BC, Canada for “Once”

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Location: Vancouver, BC

Type: Theater

Seeking actor/singer/musicians for all roles in Once.
All artists must sing and play instruments in the show.
Anyone outside of the age range that can appear the desired age may also apply,

We recognize that Dublin is a multicultural city, populated by people from many different cultures. Therefore, we encourage submissions from actors from all ethnicities.

The score consists of parts for the following instruments:
Guitar, piano, ukulele, mandolin, cello, melodica, violin, banjo, string bass, bass guitar, accordion and drum kit/percussion
Note: Billy, Andrej, Svec and Eamon need to sing a cappella harmonization

From the very first note, Once draws you in and never lets go. This emotionally captivating musical is the only show to have music that won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Olivier Award and a Tony Award.

On the streets of Dublin, an Irish musician and a Czech immigrant are drawn together by their shared love of music. Over the course of one fateful week, an unexpected friendship and collaboration quickly evolves into a powerful but complicated love story, underscored by emotionally charged music.

Featuring all of the magical songs from the critically acclaimed film, including the Oscar-winning “Falling Slowly” this achingly beautiful, joyously uplifting show strikes an unforgettable chord in audiences and speaks to the power of music to connect us all. A show like that only comes around Once.


GUY – male, 20-35
Irish-born, speaks with an Irish accent.
A struggling musician who works with his father in a vacuum repair shop. Brooding, but charismatic.
Must play guitar and be able to accompany their own singing IN the audition.
Vocal range: high baritone or tenor (with a convincing A5, an easy G5 and a falsetto C5)

GIRL – female, 20-35
Czech-born, speaks with a Czech accent.
Direct, intelligent and witty with a no-nonsense attitude.
Must play the piano, ideally also play violin.
Must perform Mendelssohn’s “Songs Without Words” during the audition.
Vocal range: mezzo soprano (with an easy F3)

REZA – female, 19-35
Czech-born, speaks with a Czech accent. Sings in Czech
Seductive, funny and smart with a larger-than-life attitude.
Ideally plays one of: accordion, mandolin, violin
Vocal range: soprano (able to deliver a rock ballad)

EAMON – male, 25 – 50 (possibly doubling as EMCEE)
Irish-born, speaks with an Irish accent.
Manager of the recording studio where Guy and Girl record their album. A tough nut to crack
Ideally plays guitar
Vocal range: flexible (ensemble only)

DA – male, 50-70
Irish-born, speaks with an Irish accent.
Guy’s father, who runs a vacuum repair shop. A man of few words, appears gruff, but is caring and warm.
Ideally plays anything from the list of instruments – banjo would be lovely
Vocal range: flexible (ensemble only)

BARUSKA – female, 50-70
Czech-born, speaks with a Czech accent. A caring woman with few inhibitions.
Ideally plays accordion or mandolin or melodica
Vocal range: mezzo-soprano

BANK MANAGER – male, 25-60
Irish born, speaks with an Irish accent (Cork). A prim and proper businessman with a secret passion for music.
Must play cello and guitar
Vocal range: baritone (must be able to pretend to sing badly – then deliver well)

ANDREJ – male, 19-35
Czech-born, speaks with a Czech accent. Has big dreams despite working in a fast-food restaurant. Earnest and kind.
Ideally plays double bass (or bass guitar)
Vocal range: high baritone or low tenor – up to F#

SVEC – male, 19-40
Czech-born, speaks with a Czech accent. An eccentric guy who spends most of his time watching TV and drinking coffee.
Must play drum kit and percussion
Vocal range: bass-baritone

EX-GIRLFRIEND, female – 19-35
Irish-born, speaks with an Irish accent.
Guy’s ex-girlfriend who now lives in New York.
Ideally plays percussion/violin/ukelele
Vocal range: flexible (ensemble only)

BILLY – male, 30-60
Irish-born, speaks with an Irish accent. Owns the music shop where Girl plays piano. Exuberant but protective of those he cares for.
Must play guitar
Vocal range: flexible (ensemble only)

EMCEE – male, 20-50 (possibly doubling as EAMON)
Irish-born, speaks with an Irish accent. Works at the local bar.
Ideally plays
Vocal range: flexible (ensemble only)

IVONKA – female, 6-10
Girl’s daughter. Non-speaking role.
Ideally plays any of the non-guitar/piano instruments

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Vancouver, BC
Please submit to: by 2022-03-21
Please send resume and headshots to by March 21st

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