Get Cast on The Cube in 2022 – Nationwide Online Auditions


The Cube Casting Call

Are you ready to take on The Cube? If so, read on for a chance to get right into the giant Plexiglas box.

The UK gameshow is re-created for the American market and the show is casting for teams that would love a chance to compete. The show premiered last summer and is now holding nationwide casting calls for season 2 of The Cube.

The reality competition is hosted by sports star Dwyane Wade and features the giant cube where contestants are tested in what are normally simple taske that may not be as simple as they look, when done within the cube.

The show is described as a high octane competition series which utilizes teams of people who have a pre-existing relationship and know each other. The contestants are cast in pairs and they must complete what seem to be fairly simple challenges, physical or mental, while stuck in a giant see through box with all eyes on them. The contestants that are cast for The Cube, must demonstrate skill, nerve and lots of determination as they take on both mental and physical challenges. Unlike other shows where physical ability is a requirement, The Cube, has none. The giant box has a mind of its own as well as a serious attitude that may make or break the challenge.

Working on their own or as a team, each pair has nine lives to complete seven games that are worth an increasing amount of money as they inch closer to taking home the $250,000 jackpot.

Not familiar with The Cube game show? Check out the clip from season 1 of the Cube which proves the game is much harder that it looks.


We are looking for TEAMS OF TWO (chefs, spouses, parent/child, siblings, roommates, coworkers, etc.) with a mix of abilities and personalities that will be PUT TO THE TEST!
THE CUBE will send you and your teammate on a series of physical and mental challenges for the chance to win a LIFE CHANGING AMOUNT OF MONEY!
Grab your teammate and email me directly [[email protected]] to be considered!

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