Actor Audition in North Georgia, Rabun County Area / Clayton Area for Film Trailer

By | January 13, 2023

Casting for a Proof of Concept Trailer for a possible feature!

The following roles are needed to work Thur 1/19 in the North Ga – Rabun County area.
Thriller / Horror movie “Until death do us part.”

Until death do us part is personified when a couple decides to go on a getaway to a cute little elderly couple’s red cottage in the mountains.

Rate is $150/day – Non Union

Character: Cabin Groundskeeper (Wife)
Character Description- Older, white female, hill people, informal, mild mannered, seemingly kind, courteous, yet mysterious, secretive Caucasian female Senior 50+ Outdoorsy, athletic
Character: Cabin Groundskeeper (Husband)
Character Description: Older, white male, hill people, courteous but aloof, Passive and unassuming. Caucasian Male Senior 50+ Outdoorsy

Subject: Little Red House
Include in your email: photos, video/demo reel if available city/state, and contact number

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