Auditions for Short Film “Mona Lisa” in York / N. Yorkshire, UK

Mona Lisa

Location: York, UK

Audition / Call Type: Films

Mona Lisa Casting Notice

Mona Lisa is an independent short film made by a collection of students from the University of York. We are seeking talented and passionate actors who share in our excitement for this project. Please submit headshots as well as your resume, and we will arrange a time to complete auditions.

Mona Lisa short film – 5 minutes, Digital 4k
York/North Yorkshire area


Auditions: TBD
Call backs: TBD
Shooting starts: 10/03/2023
Shooting ends: 13/03/2023

Mona Lisa is a film noir, following Jasmine as she and her partner in crime Wayne, who plan to use Jasmine’s feminine charm to manipulate and rob Kendrick, the son of a wealthy businessman. However, when Jasmine begins to contemplate what she really wants, she finds herself torn between her new lover, old partner and her own need for freedom; forcing her to make a bloody choice.
Character bios

Jasmine, Female, 18-23

Intelligent, attractive, and ruthless, Jasmine fulfils many aspects of the classic femme fatale, completing robberies with the help from her partner Wayne by seducing wealthy men and luring them away from their homes. Jasmine realises that she no longer wants to be controlled or moulded by the people around her, instead she wants to take her life into her own hands and make her own decisions, free from outside influence.

Kendrick, Male, 18-25
Suave, wealthy, and charming, Kendrick is the son of a wealthy businessman and a London socialite, yet despite his projected charisma and confidence; he is emotional, controlling and manipulative; he has a need for attention and a hidden more aggressive streak to his personality.

Wayne, Male, 35-45
A cold, calculating career criminal, Wayne is detached and stoic, prioritising profit over everything. Years of being in street gangs as a youth toughened him, and as he became older, he also became more cautious and wiser. Having known Jasmine since she was 14 and been using her to help commit robberies since she was 15, he has a strong hold over her, holding the position of a twisted father figure to her: despite this he doesn’t actually care for her, but just sees her as a way of making money.

Director: Obi Double
Audition location: TBD
Shooting location: York/North Yorkshire area, UK

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: York
Please submit to: by 02/20/2023 11:30 PM

Submit you’re headshots and cover letter to the email address listed, for further information on the production or any of the characters also contact the email address listed.

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