Auditions in Houston Texas for A Music Video


Project: Undisclosed Artist – MUSIC VIDEO

Filming Dates:
TUESDAY 12/19/23 -OR- WEDNESDAY 12/20/23 *will be selected for only ONE of these dates, not both, pending your availability
-we do NOT have Call/Wrap times, so you should have FULL day available to allow for whatever the Call Time ends up being (Tentative Call Time is possibly as early as 6:00am)
Rate of PAY: $100.00 for up to 8 hours

TUESDAY 12/19 – HUNTSVILLE, TX (approx 1.5 hours from Houston)
WEDNESDAY 12/20 – WILLIS, TX (approx 1 hour from Houston)


WORK TUESDAY 12/19/23 in HUNTSVILLE, TX Area (approx 1.5 hours from Houston)
[BAR PATRONS] – Male and Female, age range 21-50, all ethnicities, wide variety of fun energetic people with great attitudes. Tentative Call Time 06:00am

WORK WEDNESDAY 12/20/23 in WILLIS, TX (approx 1 hour from Houston)
[WEDDING GUESTS FEMALE] 20 to 40 years old, all ethnicities woman, transgender woman. Conservative, upscale, with nice dressy wedding attire. Small scene. Small scene. Tentative Call Time 08:00am
[GENERAL TBD] 20 to 50 years old, all ethnicities any gender. Wide variety of types and Director will choose your specific role based on your look. Casual attire. Small scene. Tentative Call Time 08:00am

TO SUBMIT for this role:

Please fill out the above submission link OR send us an email ASAP to – (*please don’t do both!)
With subject line TEXAS MUSIC VIDEO (specify date(s) available)
Emails must include the following:
-First & Last Name
-Phone Number
-Email Address
-Recent Color Photo
-Clothing and Shoe Sizes
-Confirm that you are over 18 years old
-Current City/State you are located in
-Specify which work date you are available to work (Tues 12/19, Weds 12/20 or Avail BOTH dates

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