Casting Call for Families That Are in Disagreement

By | September 21, 2023

Are you currently in the middle of a disagreement?


A New York City area based production company is now casting people who are in the middle of a dispute, that is relatively good natured and that they would love to see settled.

Did your hubby spend 10k on legos, without telling you, and now you find that you can no longer go on that anniversary trip you have been wanting?

Did your BFF go on a trip without you?

Did your sister become friends with your nemesis?

The above are examples of situations the show is looking for. The show is looking for problems that are more Larry David than Judge Judy type disputes.

If you have a dispute or even just an annoyance, the show’s casting directors would love to hear all about it to possibly cast you on the show and maybe solve that dispute once and for all.


In the middle of an awkward disagreement that needs settling?




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