Casting Groups of Friends in Boston, Seattle and Philadelphia to Star in a Show

By | February 28, 2023

Now Casting in Boston, Philly, Seattle & Surrounding Areas!

Casting for a fun, dynamic, sex-positive group of Female Friends to star in their own series!
The Emmy® winning Creative Content Group and Maven are seeking outspoken women for an empowering new docu-series that will follow a group of friends while they navigate their dating lives, friendships and careers!

  • Are your conversations around sex & dating hilarious, relatable, heartwarming, ridiculous – or all of the above?
  • Do you help each other navigate relationships, situationships, hookups and heartbreaks?
  • Are you TikToking or Podcasting your dating shenanigans?
  • Do you have a tight group of childhood besties, work friends, or live together in the same house or building?

If you have a diverse group of friends who need their own show, we want to hear from you!

Visit to apply!

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