Casting Kids for Spring Break & Adults in Louisiana for Small Movie Roles – NOLA

By | March 22, 2023

Central Casting in New Orleans is holding an open call for kids that are going on spring break to work as paid movie extras.

The extras casting company is taking new submissions from parents with kids and adults who live in the NOLA area and would like to make a bit of extra cash in the coming weeks.  Please note that you must be local to New Orleans and the surrounding areas in order to be considered as no travel expenses are paid.

Open Call:

PARENTS: Sign Up Your Minor for PAID Background (Movie Extra) work during your child’s Spring Break!

Take advantage of your time off and sign up your family for PAID background (movie extra) work by attending an Onboarding Session at our office in downtown New Orleans.
We encourage parents/legal guardians to onboard with their minor(s) at the same time, as productions may ask on-set guardians if they’d like to work with their child as well. Having your paperwork on file with Central Casting makes it easier and more efficient for productions to send you payment for work you’ve completed.

Make an Appointment for an Onboarding Session below:*
Sign Up for ADULTS:
Sign Up for MINORS 17 and under:
(babies must be at least 15 days old, and everyone, including MINORS, must have valid PHOTO ID).
*Keep in mind that the appointment calendar only shows what’s available within three days. Check back frequently for openings.

Once you make an appointment for each individual onboarding, an automatic confirmation email will be sent. Check your email and follow the instructions. This includes completing the online application for the individual(s) onboarding (link will be in the email confirmation).

Attend the scheduled Onboarding Session with your minor, and bring your child’s real, original, and unexpired documents for the Form I-9! Everyone, including children, must have valid PHOTO ID. During this session, you will fill out the employee paperwork, including the Form I-9, and we will take your minor’s employee photo.
Legal guardians must accompany minor’s to their appointment!
BY FEDERAL LAW, we can only verify original documents. We do not accept photos or copies of documents. The documents you bring MUST come from the following Department of Homeland Security’s List of Acceptable Documents for the Form I-9:
From the list above, you can present either of the below options at your appointment:
OPTION 1 – Present one document from List A
OPTION 2 – Present one document from List B with one document from List C (both List B and C documents must be presented together)
All MINORS (anyone 17 and younger), must bring valid PHOTO IDENTIFICATION from the above List of Acceptable documents. They can either bring a photo ID from List A **OR** a PHOTO ID from List B along with a work authorization document from List C. Because we are an E-Verify participant, documents under List B MUST contain a nondetachable photo of the person onboarding.

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