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By | March 22, 2023

Porticomedia – First Note Of Love

Location: Taiwan

Audition / Call Type: Films

We are now casting for the male lead role in GagaOOLala’s original BL music idol drama “First Note Of Love”. Applicants must be male, aged between 20-30, able to play the guitar, have performance experience, and fluent in both Mandarin and English. Don’t hesitate to apply and join us for this perfect love story!

Shooting Session: set to be 2023 Q3~Q4
Shooting Location: Taiwan
Genre: BL Romance, LGBTQ, Music Series
Format: 12 episodes *25 minutes

Neil, a singer-songwriter returning from overseas, is talented and beautiful but has stage phobia. He only dares to play and sing on the street with his head down. One day, a pair of canvas shoes with a smiley face appeared in sight, beating to the rhythm of the music. This person was Xiao Hai, who was deeply attracted by the rich emotion in Neil’s singing.
With Xiao Hai’s encouragement and warm company, Neil gradually finds the courage to grow up, and Xiao Hai’s support gradually becomes Neil’s stable force to overcome his fear.
However, one day, an uninvited Thai musician, Orca, suddenly joined Neil’s performance. The magical tacit understanding of music between the two seemed very unpleasant to Xiaohai, so a triangle storm of pure youthful love quietly unfolded. set off…
1.Neil, Male, 24 years old
Neil grows up abroad. He has a handsome look and is talented in music. He does not speak much and has stage fright. To overcome his fear, he starts with street performing. One day he meets Hai, who gradually helps him overcome stage fright. Neil begins to open his heart to the people he cares about.

2.Hai, Male, 23 years old
Hai is a postgraduate student with an ordinary look and low self-esteem. Because of bad interpersonal experiences in the past, he is much slower and blunt in love. Taking good care of his sister is his main focus in life, while music is his spiritual support. After meeting Neil, Hai’s musical potential will gradually be seen.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to: by 04/06/2023 11:00 PM

Preparation for the Global Audition
1. Sing the specified theme song “Sensitive” a cappella.
2. Tell a touching love story of yours.
3. Sing the very first love song about you with musical instruments or in a cappella.

Please refer to the Sign-Up link for detailed information. Sign up via the form only and no DMs accepted. Thank you for your cooperation!

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