Kids and Teen Auditions for Lego Masters Jr. – Nationwide

By | September 18, 2023

Attention parents or guardians of amazing kid LEGO builders!

Got a kid that loves Legos and building with Legos?


A spinoff of the FOX “Lego Masters” TV show, “Lego Masters Jr.” is now casting for kids ages 9 to 17 to compete on Lego Masters.

Lego Masters Junior” is a family-friendly television show that celebrates creativity, imagination, and the boundless possibilities of LEGO bricks. A spin-off from the popular “Lego Masters” series, this show is specially designed for younger contestants, typically aged between 7 and 13 years old, who possess remarkable talent and a passion for building with LEGO.

The heart of “Lego Masters Junior” lies in the friendly competition between these talented young builders. Each episode presents a unique theme or challenge, pushing the contestants to push their creative boundaries and bring their unique visions to life using LEGO pieces. Viewers are treated to an awe-inspiring showcase of intricate designs, remarkable storytelling, and astonishing technical feats, all crafted by the talented young contestants.

Not a kid?  Are you an adult looking to tryout for Lego Masters? Lego Masters is Casting nationwide.


Casting Call for Lego Masters Junior:

We are now casting for the most passionate, most talented, most awesome kid LEGO builders in the country for a very special edition of LEGO MASTERS JR.

Is your child between the ages of 9-17 and a LEGO Brick Building Genius?

The best kids from around the US will now compete to become the first-ever LEGO MASTERS JR.



Here is a clip from the Brick Masters channel:

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