Nationwide Audition for New Game Show “Loteria Loca”

By | May 25, 2023

Game show Loteria Loca is now casting nationwide.

Show’s producers and casting team are looking for fun, energetic people who are not afraid of taking a risk.  The new game show is based on a popular, Latin version of Bingo called Loteria.

LOTERIA LOCA Casting Call.

Based on the popular, Latin-inspired “bingo” game Lotería, LOTERÍA LOCA takes two fun and energetic contestants who compete head-to-head to get four-in-a-row – or Lotería – by picking numbers off a board and earning the money behind each card.

The first contestant to get Lotería twice on their tabla (aka Bingo card), will move on to The Lotería Loca Round for the chance to win BIG MONEY!

In this nail-biting end game, there are many ways to win, and the winnings are cumulative! Every card picked on the player’s tabla adds big money to their bank!

However, every card that is NOT on the player’s tabla, will deduct money from their bank… And it will cost them a life. If they lose all four lives, their game is over.

But if the contestant has the guts and the luck to fill their entire tabla, they’ll walk away with BIG MONEY!




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