The Proposal Reality Competition Casting Nationwide

By | May 30, 2023

The Proposal is now casting and here is your chance to get on the show and go for it.

The show will be filming this summer in July, August and September and is looking for  want to be husbands, wives and partners who will risk everything non a monumental and elaborate marriage proposal.

The Proposal” is an unconventional dating reality show that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Hosted by a charismatic and witty presenter, the show follows a unique format where a single individual is presented with a group of potential suitors. Each episode revolves around a different contestant who is seeking love and looking to find their perfect match. The suitors go through a series of rounds, showcasing their personalities, talents, and compatibility with the bachelor or bachelorette.

The suspense builds as the contestants are gradually eliminated until only two remain. In a captivating climax, the chosen suitor must then decide whether to accept a marriage proposal from the bachelor or bachelorette, ultimately revealing whether they have found true love. With its blend of romance, competition, and unexpected twists, “The Proposal” offers an exciting and unconventional take on the quest for love.

The Proposal infographic for casting call




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