Minneapolis Film Auditions for Roles in Home Alone Inspired Indie Project

By | May 30, 2023

Angry Cat Productions – Ava Alone (Home Alone Inspired)

Location: Minneapolis

Audition / Call Type: Films


This Christmas we are about to make history in our new version of the holiday classic Home Alone!

Plot: A group of mercenaries plan to break in a home to retrieve an encrypted nuclear disc containing millions of dollars. It’s up to 9 year old Ava to save the day from these crooks with hilarious booby traps!

Ava, Caucasian/White Female, 8-10 years old- Smart and funny young girl of the house. She is always looking to pull a prank on someone.

Jessica, Caucasian/White Female, 35-40 years old- Mother of Ava. She is a retired CIA agent.

Jillian, Caucasian/White Female, 35-40 years old- Head of the mercenaries. A former CIA agent partner of Jessica who went rogue and is determined to get the encrypted disc.

Sumayah, African-African American/Black Female, 22-30 years old- Youngest of the mercenaries. Second in command. Very arrogant and conceited.

Dahlia, Caucasian/White Female, 25-35 years old- Weapons specialist of the mercenaries. Determined but clumsy.

Kimmy, Asian Female, 25- 35 years old- Hacker of the mercenaries. College educated.

Kiara, African-African American/Black Female, 35-40 years old- Good friend of Jessica. Crooked cop. Secretly working with the mercenaries.

Father Tim, Caucasian/White Male, 40-60 years old- Ava’s mysterious but courageous neighbor.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Minneapolis
Please submit to: angrycatproductions11@gmail.com by 11/01/2023 12:00 PM

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