Theater Auditions in Southport, UK

CASTING CALL FOR A MALE IN THEIR LATE 30’s/EARLY 40’s for this brand new play!

Location: Southport, UK

The play will be performed by new group “GhostlightPerformers”, who have reformed following the success of debut play Grape Juice in 2021!

Unfortunately, the role is not paid, due to finances, so anyone interested must be happy with that fact before contacting.


16 year-old Sean Parker has never known his Dad and wants to change that. His brothers are unenthusiastic about his plans. They know more about their dad than they are willing to share with Sean and they have grave concerns about any investigations that may bring that man back into their lives…
Undeterred and egged on by his best friend, Sean successfully makes contact with and meets with his Dad…but at what cost?
This reunion carries risks and potential danger that may affect all their lives resulting in them never being the same again


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