Actors in Oahu Hawaii for Indie Web Series “A Troubled Facade”

A Troubled Facade 

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Audition / Call Type: Web Series

A comedic series following a special ed class who gets a newly muted boy in their class. The boy used to bully the special ed class when he could talk. The series will unfold and give an insight into each student in the class.


Looking for:
JARRED: Male aged 12-19. Mean wannbe tough guy bully. Who always picks on the ones less fortunate than him. Superior complex, but comes from a troubled home.

JARRED’S FRIEND: Male aged 12-19. Agrees with everything Jarred says and does.

MOM 1: Female aged 30-45. Supportive, optimistic, quirky, but a little passive aggressive too.

MOM 2: Female aged 25-60. A sweet hard working mother. Tries her best to understand her daughter.

MOM 3: Female aged 25-60. A Mellow peculiar mother. Doesn’t care much about cleaning.

TEACHER 1: Any gender aged 30-60. Heavy, strict and stressed.

TEACHER 2: Male aged 30-60. Cynical and cold.

MR. DRUDELL: Male aged 28-60. Militant. Loud and impatient.

PRINCIPAL MONSHEIN: Male aged 40-80. Bald and mean, but acts nice.

BAND TEACHER: Any gender aged 30-80. Dedicated to music.

Payment: Paid


City or Location of call: Oahu, Hawaii
Please submit to: by 05/24/2024 11:00 PM

Contact the e-mail listed, if interested and you will receive a script. Hereafter you will do a self-tape audition and send it to the same e-mail address.

This casting notice was posted by: Marcus Soli

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