Failure To Launch Holding Nationwide Cast Call for Parents of Adult Kids Still Living at Home


Are you a parent dealing with the challenges of having an adult child who is overstaying their welcome at home? Do you find yourself caught in a situation where your adult child is struggling to launch into independence and it’s causing tension in your household? If so, we want to hear from you!

Acclaimed production company with a major cable network is currently casting for a documentary series about failure to launch adult children struggling to leave the nest.

  • Do you need your adult-child out of the house and are desperate for help/change?
  • Have you tried everything to help your adult child gain independence and move out (from ultimatums to timelines to therapy to job training, etc) but NOTHING seems to work or help?
  • Is there constant conflict/tension in the house because of the living situation?
  • Are there financial strains or financial debt because of the adult child’s lack of a job or independence? Do you ever feel you might be being taken advantage of?
  • Are you stressed and at your wit’s end? Worried about the future for yourself and your adult child if something doesn’t change?

If yes, we want to hear from you! Don’t miss this opportunity to share your story, connect with others, and potentially find solutions to the challenges you’re facing.


Selected candidates are paid for participating.

If you’re interested in participating or know someone who might be a good fit, please email us at:
Your name and contact information.
Contact information (phone & email)
Location (city & state)
Briefly tell us about your family dynamic and the challenges you’re facing with your adult child living at home as well as any relevant background information or details you think are important for us to know.
Recent photos of parents/adult child.


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