Improv Theater Auditions in NYC

Needs More Work Productions is casting our summer play, Anti-Gone!

An immersive, site specific adaptation of the Greek classic like you’ve never seen before, this summer in NYC!

Seeking strong improvisers with experience working with classical texts, who are interested in exploring non-traditional theater as an ensemble.

This is an outdoor, site-specific and immersive production. We are seeking strong improvisers with experience working with classical texts, who are interested in exploring non-traditional theater as an ensemble.

Performances: July 12th-21st.

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The actors will jump in and out of the world of the play and communicate with audience members directly. We will use movement, voice and a flexible narrative to create an unforgettable theatrical experience.

This production will run with a profit share module. If any donations are received, they will be divided between all cast and crew personnel after covering production expenses. Please note that we are unable to guarantee that any sum of donations will be received.

Rehearsals will take place during Late April-Early July at the Moore Jackson Community Garden in Woodside, Queens or on Zoom. We will rehearse 3-4 times a week, schedule will depend on cast availability, mostly evenings/weekends. Not all cast members will be called for every rehearsal. More rehearsals are expected as the show approaches.


Actors may audition for any character they feel comfortable playing.


(She/her, 20s, any ethnicity) – A gentle rebel, a sensitive anarchist. Represents the wild forces of nature and the Gods.

(He/they, 20s, BIPOC) – The gentle sibling to Antigone. Loyal to the laws of the land. Has power, vitality and energy but weighs his options carefully choosing when to use them.

(Any gender and ethnicity, 50s-70s): Teiresias – a sage prophet, in direct connection with the Gods. Possess the wisdom of many generations. Guard – bumbling, a chatterbox, lovable yet exhausting. Disabled actors encouraged to apply.

(Two actors of any age, gender and ethnicity) – The wise elders of Thebes. Cunning, curious, tricksters, vultures. They see everything and wish to influence everyone. Great singers, capable of holding harmonies.

(CAST) – The unrelenting, bland and rigid ruler of Thebes. This actor leads the troupe in both joy and despair, and is the instigator of the non-linear plot.

(CAST) – Antigone’s fiance, Creon’s son. Brave, young and tragic. Too close to the sun.

Submission Instructions:

Please prepare either 2 contrasting monologues, at least one of them classical, or a classical monologue and a short folk song. Ismene and Teiresias are encouraged to sing, and you must sing to be considered for the Chorus.
In-person auditionees may either sing acapella or bring an accompaniment track (a speaker will be provided). Video auditionees should sing with accompaniment.

Please fill out this audition form to sign up for a slot or to submit your video audition: In-person auditionees should register through this link as well: Make sure your video audition is NOT password protected and that we have the permission to view it (Youtube links are preferred).
Video auditions are due April 11th. For any questions or accommodations, please email

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