Disney Auditions in 2024

So, you want to audition for Disney? Good news is that Disney actually holds lots of auditions for the various Disney projects.

The Disney Company spans many different projects and venues which include The Disney Channel, Disney+ streaming services, Disney movies, Disney animation, The parks, cruise lines and their theatrical productions such as the Lion King on Broadway.

The company holds auditions for many different projects across many states all year long. Disney needs many performers to fill not only their movie and TV shows, but also shows that are produced on Disney Cruises and in all the Disney parks across the globe.

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So, for the most part we can say that Disney casting calls are exciting opportunities for aspiring actors and performers to join the magical world of Disney entertainment. These calls are often held to discover fresh talent for various projects, including movies, TV shows, theme park performances, and more. Disney casting calls typically seek individuals of diverse ages, backgrounds, and talents, ranging from actors and singers to dancers and voice actors.

Prospective participants can apply for Disney casting calls through official channels, websites, or casting agencies affiliated with Disney.

The audition process may involve showcasing specific skills, reading from a script, singing, or performing a prepared piece. Disney is known for its commitment to creating inclusive and diverse content, so casting calls often reflect this commitment by encouraging individuals from all walks of life to participate.

Successful candidates may have the opportunity to become part of Disney’s magical storytelling tradition, bringing beloved characters to life for audiences worldwide. The casting calls provide a chance for individuals to embark on a magical journey and contribute to the enchanting legacy of Disney entertainment.

Disney auditions for commercials

Some things to be aware of…

Lots of people know that many kids and teens would love the opportunity to audition for Disney and may take advantage of your hopes and dreams. Make sure that the opportunity is legit. No, seriously! Disney audition scams is one of the most used in this industry.

Real Disney casting directors do not ask you for payment as they are paid by the Walt Disney Company in order to find YOU!

That’s right, Disney casting directors are not paid by you! They are paid to find you by the Walt Disney Company or their various attached projects.

I have written many articles about the various Disney audition scams over the years. You can find some of them below.

However, Disney does have open calls for performers, actors, singers, acrobats, dancers and more. They in fact do it all the time. Their cruse lines hold auditions all year long for contracts on their at sea shows as do the Disney Broadway and touring shows such as the Lion King which has been a theatrical staple for years within their touring company and their park based productions in the United States and abroad.