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Casting People 500 lbs. Or More Overweight

Are you or someone you know struggling with extreme weight and ready to make a life change?

A compelling docu-series is currently searching for individuals weighing 500 pounds or more who are ready to embark on a year-long journey to regain their health.

The ideal candidate is male or female, over 18, weighs between 500-800 pounds, lives in the continental US and is ready to commit to a year-long program to improve their health. If approved by the show’s physician, selected individuals will also receive Bariatric Surgery.

If this describes you or someone you know, please send the following information (Name, Age, Height, Weight, City, State, Phone Number) and a brief description of your story to:

Cast and Crew Casting Call in Montevallo, Alabama

Kandee’s Closet

Location: Montevallo, Alabama

Type: Other Projects

I am an upcoming, and aspiring writer, producer, and director here in the small city of Montevallo, Alabama and I am trying to bring the arts to the city. I write productions based on self-love, self-awareness, morality, self-appreciation, and just overall situations that are happening and should be brought to the surface to of course, help anyone who may be dealing with these things and just do not know how to communicate about them. My productions are written from the heart with less fortunate in mind and I am trying to advocate embracement of reality. No matter what background you come from, no matter what race you are, what size you are, what color you are we all have things in life we are ashamed of and we all have flaws. I simply would like for us as humans who make mistakes to learn to appreciate the position in which God has us and embrace our realities.

No, this gig is not paid because my company is new and has had a struggling time getting off the ground but with God, we are limitless. I am looking to build my team from the ground up and if you are okay with this send an email and if not, I greatly appreciate you considering thus far.

If this interests you please email ( and include your Full Name, Cellphone, Valid Email and Location. In the Subject line, please include the character in which you are interested in and I prefer people to be close to the 35115-zip code but if you are willing to travel, I am fine with that as well. Once we the 37P team has received your submission, you will receive a confirmation email with your audition date and time via ZOOM.

PSA: I have a preferred look or certain complexion by each character and their description and that is only due to imagination. I accept diversity and all races and will not discriminate against anyone for any reason. The person(s) casted for each character will be casted according to their similarities and ability to embody the character in which they are auditioning. The judgment will be based on the likelihood of the auditionee resembling the character in its entirety (attitude, character traits, personality, abilities etc.)

Kandee’s Closet is a story about a family who lives life on a pedestal and loves the finer things in life. A successful lawyer whom started and built his own law firm, a successful news reporter and nurse, devoting and loving wife and two excellent and graceful young daughters will go on a journey to truth and exposition. All the Porter girls want to do is life life — honestly but will their parents stand in the way of truth or will the skeletons in their family’s closet overshadow everything they have built.
Who keeps a rape secret from their spouse for 9 years or who hides their biologics from their loved one? All I know is, there are things in Kandee’s Closet that are bound to fall out.


Character List: CAST

Johnny Porter- Conceited, handsome, cocky, successful, acts entitled, and he is a lady’s man.
-(Ages 30-40) 5’11 & TALLER accepted / Any skin tone is accepted, all welcomed. (Has a lot of lines)

Kenyan Carter- (Kandee’s Boyfriend) Humble, handsome, athlete, respectful, well-raised, soft spoken and appreciative.
-(Ages 21-25) accepted / Any skin tone accepted, all welcomed

Kamari Carter- Tough, a role model, loves his little brother. Nice smile, handsome, nice, respectful and understanding. Supportive brother and son.
-(Ages 24-30) accepted / Any skin tone accepted, all welcomed.

Eric Carter- Quiet, relaxed and calm. Supportive husband and father.
-(Ages 35-45) accepted / Brown skin tone preferred, all welcomed.

Dr. Maria Lewis- Graceful, understanding, broken, searching for love, she just wants to find her missing pieces. She is feisty and spicey, but she is also nice and sweet. Her personality changes when she feels attacked or judged.
-(Ages 30-37) accepted / Dark skinned preferred, all welcomed.

Marlee Wilson- Disgusting, nasty, sick-minded, disrespectful. His character must embody the aspect of a bad human being who she be put in jail and his behavior does not matter to him. He feels entitled and as if he has done nothing wrong, “lost”.
(Ages 35-45) accepted / All welcomed.

Character List: CREW
Narrator- Person who reads the intro and conclusion and possibly other things.
Music Controller- Person who starts and stop music and instruction, instructs.
Spotlight Controller- Person who controls lighting and turns them on and off when necessary.
Set Changer 1- Person that help with set change.
Set Changer 2- Person that help with set change.
Set Changer 3- Person that help with set change.
Set Changer 4- Person that help with set change.
Outfit Change Helper 1- Person that help cast with their clothes changing from scene to scene.
Outfit Change Helper 2- Person that help cast with their clothes changing from scene to scene.
Outfit Change Helper 3- Person that help cast with their clothes changing from scene to scene.
Timekeeper 1- The CEO’s personal time manager.
Timekeeper 2- The Cast personal time manager.
Timekeeper 3- The Crew personal time manager.
Timekeeper 4- The Crew second personal time manager.

If you feel like you would like to audition for any of these characters or crew members, please send an email including:

Full Name
Contact Number
Contact Email
What makes you relatable to the character you are auditioning for?

In the Subject line, please include your name and the character / crew member you’re auditioning for.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Montevallo, Alabama
Please submit to: by 2021-04-03
In the Subject line please include CAST/CREW position and in the Body of the email please include Full Name, Contact Number, Email Address & Location

This casting notice was posted by: 3Seven.Productions

Reality Dating Show Casting Call for Single Dads With Adult Kids

Seeking Single Dads With Adult Children For New Dating Show!

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

From The Producers Of Queer Eye! Comes A New Kind Of Dating Series…


Whether you are divorced, widowed, a serial monogamist, or have never experienced true love, If now feels like the perfect time to take a chance at love AND you have an adult child who can lend their support in a fun, Rom-Com inspired environment, we’d love to hear your story. Nominations are welcome!

Share your story! OR Nominate your dad!
Please include your full name, contact info, recent photos, and the reason why you’re ready to find true love now. Thank you!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2021-04-30
Please email your name, age, contact info, recent photos, and why you’re ready to find love.

This casting notice was posted by: Jessica Jorgensen, ITV America

Reality Show – Queer Eye Meets the Home Edit- Real People Casting in Los Angeles

Reality Show Web Series: Queer Eye Meets the Home Edit- Real People Casting

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Reality TV

Dinner Party

Does the idea of planning a dinner party terrify or overwhelm you? Do you worry that what you prepare will never be good enough? That your friends won’t have a good time? Does getting everything ready just feel like too much? Do you feel either lost in the kitchen, anxious when entertaining, or both? We are looking for Los Angeles local individuals (single or couples, with or without kids ages 30-55) to work with a Chef/Life Coach who can take you from terrified to confident host/hostess. Our Chef/life coach will talk with you about your struggle and then come up with easy ways to create the dinner party of your dreams.


Are you an absolute perfectionist and find it’s leaving you feeling tired, bitter, and anxious? Are you trying to be a super mom, super wife, and super to yourself but not feeling fulfilled? We are looking for Los Angeles local moms (ages 30-55) who have taken perfectionism to the extreme and want a new way to deal with the idea of “having it all.” Our Chef/Life Coach will work with you to help manage your anxiety and perfectionist ways by introducing flexibility and mindfulness practices into your life as well as dishes that are easy to cook but look perfect. You will learn tips to transform your struggles and easy ways to take you from stressed and overwhelmed to calm and collected.

There’s not Enough Time

Do you wish that you had the time to cook healthy meals, workout, spend time with friends and loved ones and get a good night’s sleep? Does that seem impossible with everything you have to do? Would you love to have some time just to yourself? We are looking for Los Angeles Local individuals to work with a Chef/Life Coach who can take you from an overwhelmed mess to feeling better about yourself inside and out. Our Chef/Life Coach will talk to you about your struggles and come up with easy ways to become physically and mentally healthier with the proper time management.
Filming will begin in June.

Work / Life Ballance

Has working from home got you struggling to maintain a work/life balance? Do you feel overwhelmed helping take care of kids and a house as well as working a full time job? Do you need boundaries and order so you can feel more at peace but don’t know how to create them? We are looking for Los Angeles Local individuals (with kids, can be single or couples) to work with a chef/life coach who can help you to divvy up household responsibilities and maintain work boundaries so you can get your life back again! Our Chef/Life Coach will talk to you about your struggles and come up with easy ways to create the work/life balance you crave.

Filming begins in June.

Pay is $250

Picky Eater Kids

Are you the parent of a kid (or kids!) who only eats one thing? Are you struggling with your child’s commitment to only eat chicken fingers? Is meal time a challenge with your family? Do you have to make 3 meals just to make sure everyone eats? We are looking for Los Angeles Local parents (ages 30-55) of picky eater children to help make meal time enjoyable again! Our Chef/Life Coach will help you make healthy recipes that any picky eater would love as well as find ways to incorporate your kids into the cooking process and hide veggies in the foods they love. Our Chef/ Life Coach will talk to you about your struggles and come up with easy ways to help you become the boss of meal time again.
Filming will begin in June.

Pay is $500

Flexible Relationship

Has your relationship lost its spark? Has work, the kids, and responsibilities made it difficult to make each other a priority? Do you need help to bring the relationship back to a happy and fulfilling place? We are looking for Los Angeles local couples ages 30-55 to work with our chef/life coach who can help you to rekindle your love for one another. Our chef/life coach will talk to you about your struggles and come up with easy ways to make your relationship stronger than ever.
Pay is $400.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to:
Please send a short video of why you feel like you could use the extra assistance in your life

This casting notice was posted by: Icon Media

New Court Show Casting People in A Dispute in NY Tri State Area

New Courtroom Show – Do You Have a Dispute

Location: Tri-State Area – New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

Type: Reality TV

New Courtroom TV Show!

Do you have a dispute you want to settle? Does someone owe you money? Do you have an unresolved matter that you want settled once and for all?

Now looking for litigants in the Tri-State area who want to settle disputes via arbitration. We are looking for REAL PEOPLE with REAL DISPUTES, not actors to portray role.

Our production company pays the awarded judgment (up to a specific amount).

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Tri-State Area – New York, New Jersey & Connecticut
Please submit to:
Please submit brief story of your dispute.

This casting notice was posted by: ITV-America

Los Angeles Film Auditions


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Film

“Closure” is an Asian-American-centered film revolves around a father and daughter who reunite in the wake of their spouse/mother’s death and aims to tackle the ways grief and guilt manifest themselves in the Asian family dynamic. Terrifying and suspenseful, the film begs the question “What would happen if anguish had a physical form?”

The project is Non-Union and unpaid, but all transportation and meal cost is covered. There’s also a chance it may stream on a very popular streaming service, so big opportunity for exposure!

Shoots February 27/28 in LA

Character Description:
Jim Lee
A widower Asian father in his late 50s, Jim’s upbeat and steadfast personality hides his pain towards his wife’s sudden passing well. Left with the shell of a home, Jim decides it would be best if he left it behind and move to a smaller residency to “save money” when in reality, the weight of the memories created in the home has become too much to bear. Kind and warm, Jim especially has a soft spot for his daughter, Jill, who has returned home to help with the move. Through his interactions with Jill, it’s easy to see Jim’s charming but jaded personality. With Jim, it’s more about what he isn’t saying than what he is.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: by 2021-02-26
Resume and or Reel/Headshots

This casting notice was posted by: Julia Schmidt, Producer

Casting Call in Toronto for Indie Feature Film

Post-COVID-19 Movie

Location: Ontario

Type: Film

Sci-fi mystery movie to be filmed once COVID-19 restrictions in Toronto and broader GTA have allowed filming.

Job Positions: Song/record composer, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, and Editor

Seeking diverse representation and open the casting call for all ethnicities and LGBTQIA+

Actors (any age, any ethnicity): Boy appearance age 6-10, Teenage boy appearance age 10-20

Actress (any age, any ethnicity): Teenage girl appearance age 10-20

If interested, email a headshot. If you have a resume and/or video reel please include it in the email as well.

I look forward to reviewing your submission!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Ontario
Please submit to:
Headshot. Resume and/or video reel if you have it.

This casting notice was posted by: BBLS Productions

Actors in Chicago for Indie Horror Film


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Type: Film

Seeking a male actor, large imposing figure, to play the abuser in a relationship. This is a supporting role in a short horror film with the working title of “What Little Girls Are Made Of”. Actor should be mid-twenties to mid-thirties. Compensation is $50 cash, and this is an evening shoot.

In response to Covid this will be shot with extremely limited crew, and no other actors will be present – you will shoot your scenes solo. Please respond before Feb. 25th with recent headshot and resume.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago, Illinois
Please submit to:
Headshot, resume, cover letter

This casting notice was posted by: Living Room Films

Casting Call in New York & New Jersey for Male Makeup Arist

Glam Team

Location: NY,NJ,PA,LA


CASTING* Male Makeup Artists for a New Groundbreaking Glam Team!

Are you a Queen?
Do you not fit the average Makeup Artist?
Are you as BOLD as your Lipstick?

A New Glam Squad wants YOU!!
Ages 21 +

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: NY,NJ,PA,LA
Please submit to: by 2021-03-31
Submit a headshot and 1 recent sample of work.

This casting notice was posted by: Bling Duo productions

Auditions for Actress 70+ in Philadelphia for Film Project

Familial Strangers

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Type: Student Films

After learning her 94-year-old estranged great-grandmother suffers from a rare spinal stroke, Dani decides to spend the summer as her live-in nurse. As the two grow closer, Dani learns more about herself, her family, and forgiveness.

Character description-
Mimi is a self-sufficient, gray haired 94-year-old woman who has recently suffered a rare spinal stroke. After always living alone and being independent, she recently lost her ability to walk. During this time, her estranged great-granddaughter moves in to help her navigate her new normal. Mimi must grapple with the loss of her independence and the judgment she feels towards Dani and her mother as she comes to peace with declining health.
We are looking to cast a 70+ year old actress for the role.

Shoot Info:
The film is being shot in Pittsburgh from March 19th-March 21st. We are able to pay $50 a day for three shoot days. It is a student thesis film with only 10 cast and crew members total. All crew will be getting tested quarantining leading up to the shoot. On set, Covid protocols will be followed, and PPE will be provided as well.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Pittsburgh, PA
Please submit to: by 2021-03-01
If interested, please email to receive a side and further information about video auditions.

This casting notice was posted by: Ciara Naughton

Casting Right Wing Voices That Attend Events

Right Wing Voices

Location: nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Major Streaming Service looking for proud voices and stories from the right who were at a racially charged event recently and would like to share their experience. Do you think the media has caused a slanted view of who you are? Maybe you have found yourself battling online with those that oppose All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter groups? We’re gearing up for a ground breaking documentary and would love to speak to you.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to:
send a few sentences about any protests or marches you may have been involved in and your take on what really went down

This casting notice was posted by: JP, Conquering Lion Casting

Male Models in New York City

White and Latino Male Models needed for Brand Photoshoot New York

Location: NEW YORK

Type: Modeling

Male Models Paid Photoshoot New York.

Jock Trunks is White and Latino male models for our upcoming 2021 Swimwear and Underwear Photoshoot.
PAID: $200
Location: New York Times Square Studio

Send Name, photos and contact number.

Male Models, Male Fitness Models, Male Bodybuilders, Male Physique Models, Hunks, Guys in great shape are all welcome

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: NEW YORK
Please submit to: by 2021-03-05
Introduction about yourself, None Professional Photos and Contact Information.

This casting notice was posted by: Jock Trunks Brand

Carrollton, Georgia Auditions for Student Film

The Beast Beneath

Location: Carrollton, Georgia

Type: Student Films

The Beast Beneath is a monster movie set in the late 1960s and will be shot mostly on greenscreen using miniature models.

Main Character: Caucasian male around 20-25 years old

Restaurant waiter: 20’s

Construction worker (X3)

thank you for reading


Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Carrollton, Georgia
Please submit to: by 2021-03-09
reels of your work, thank you

This casting notice was posted by: Alex Belaski

Actress Auditions in Louisville, KY

Short Film

Location: Louisville, KY

Type: Film

The film is 5-7 minutes in length, and will follow the female lead through the course of her final day. I’m looking to cast a female in dual roles, age 24 and up preferred. It is best if you live in the Louisville area as well.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Louisville, KY
Please submit to:
Please include a photo, your height, age, and any experience you may have

This casting notice was posted by: Director, Grey Day Productions

Casting Call for Actress To Recreate Opening of Jaws in Massachusetts


Location: Massachusetts

Type: Student Films

Casting for a student film project, which will be a re-creation of the opening sequence from the film ‘JAWS’.

Casting for the role of Chrissie Watkins, a woman who is hanging out on the beach at night and goes skinny dipping, only to be killed by a great white shark.

You can watch the original scene here:

Filming is planned for July 17th at South Beach, Edgartown, Massachusetts

Travel and accommodation will be covered for

Pay for the role is $950

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to: by 2021-07-01
Submit a photo and/or video and a description of what interests you in this film and role, and why you would be the best choice.

This casting notice was posted by: Jim Park