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Casting Call for New NBC Game Show “Small Fortune” in Los Angeles / SoCal Area

Live in Southern California?

Would you like to be cast on a brand new game show that may give you a chance to win some big cash?

Got a team of 3?

If so, NBC’s new gameshow “Small Fortune” may want to hear from you. NBC is looking to film 6 episodes of the new reality TV game show. “Small Fortune” is based on a popular ITV series that was launched in the UK and NBC plans on bringing this show to the US.
LOS ANGELES! NBC’s “SMALL FORTUNE!”  is now casting.

Small Fortune is an awesome new game show for NBC with major cash prizes.

We’re looking for close-knit teams of THREE with BIG dynamic personalities in SoCal!

Seeking besties, co-workers, family members, firefighters, frat brothers, nurses, roommates, sorority sisters, teachers, teammates/coaches, veterans, and more!


About the show…
Small Fortune will see teams of three friends compete in the tiniest of challenges for a chance to win big money. From a shrunken Oval Office (“The Waste Wing”) to a mini Arc de Triomphe (“Arc de Wee-Omph”), each team must prove their skills on playing fields the size of a dollhouse. Challenges will require considerable dexterity and intense focus, because with games this small, there’s no room for error – the slightest miscalculation or tremble may result in elimination.

To take home the ultimate Small Fortune, teams that make it to the end must tackle one last teeny-tiny but epic game. If players can control their nerves and avoid the slightest mistake, they will walk away with a big cash prize. – NBC

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages.

Casting Contractors for Major Cable Network Home Renovation Reality Show

Nationwide casting search for a new home renovation TV show for a major cable network.

The show is looking for experienced contractors with great personalities that are really enthusiastic about home renovations.

Are you an experienced contractor with a larger than life personality?

Are you personable and very enthusiastic about home reno?

Are you able to communicate your contractor knowledge in an entertaining way?

Do you think you are a “natural” in front of the camera?

If so, check out the casting notice below for all the details about how to get on the show.



Casting Call for New Dating Show in Chicago Area

Are you still looking for the one?

If you live in the Chicago area here is a chance to be a part of a new dating show that promises “the adventure of a lifetime” and a possibility of actually meeting that special someone that may offer a path to a lasting connection.

NOW CASTING a brand new experimental dating show in the Chicago area for a major cable network!

This groundbreaking new series will use scientific methods and experiments to help match couples with their most compatible partners. Through these unique and innovative experiences couples will create deeper connections, leading to lasting partnerships.

We are looking for all types of people, from serial daters to newly divorced parents to someone who has never been in love before. Are you up for the adventure of a lifetime and want to fully commit to the experiment for a real shot at true love?

Apply here NOW!:

Models / Dancers in Alta Dena, CA for Hip Hop Music Video (L.A. Area)

Hip Hop Music Video

Location: Los Angeles,CA

Type: Modeling

Need of 2 females for hiphop video-Paid (altadena)

We will be shooting a music video and need 2 females for video vixens.
July 9th or 10th

half day rate for 3-4 hours of work. $120 – $150 DOE
Background of camera, some insert shots of you dancing and looking badass, while the artist perform.

Honestly, will be an easy day and paid when you are done.
We have outfit and props for both women.

If interested , please reach out for more info.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles,CA
Please submit to: by 2020-07-05
Head Shots

This casting notice was posted by: zarfilms

New York City Casting Call for Lead Roles in Film “Ashton”


Location: New York City

Type: Film


“Ashton” is a suburban murder mystery that follows two brothers in their early 20’s through the events of one fateful day.

[Officer Riray] Early 20’s, rookie police officer. Lean/athletic build.
[Officer Crowdy] Middle-aged, veteran police officer. Bulky build. Very serious and commanding but compassionate.
[Detective Rush] Middle-aged, veteran detective. Nonchalant, blunt, self-serving and corrupt.

[Ashton] ?LEAD?. Late teens-early 20’s. Emotionally unstable, obsessive, sarcastic, angry young bachelor stuck living with his older brother after his parent’s death. Strong interest in 90’s culture.
[Tommy] Mid-Late 20’s. Aggressive, self-absorbed, charismatic playboy. Abusive brother. Works as a stock broker– focused on wealth.

[Mila] Early 20’s. Energetic, loving, and accepting. She is charismatic and beautiful– heads turn when she is around.
[Envy] Early 20’s. Mean and pessimistic. She puts herself before anything and is highly materialistic.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York City
Please submit to:
Email name, age, headshot, and role to

This casting notice was posted by: Wayne Chen Delgado

UK Casting Call for Short Film “Persuasive”


Location: UK

Type: Film

Casting for the roles of leads Ferguson and Plato in the UK shoot of ‘Persuasive’ short film.

Persuasive is an examination of the ways people get what they want. Ferguson can read minds, which renders him exceptionally charismatic and persuasive, as he can project exactly what he knows people want to see. On this occasion, however, he needs help from Plato, whose mind-reading abilities are on a higher level. Plato will consequently be able to read Ferguson’s thoughts, while Ferguson will be unable to read his.

[FERGUSON] (Male, 20-30) A Northern Irish ex-grad student who can read people’s thoughts. Highly intelligent, perceptive, and persuasive. While usually charming and charismatic, he’s having a personal crisis about an impending interaction with someone who has superior mind-reading abilities. Belfast accent, fair/ginger/blonde hair, 6ft or over.

[PLATO] (Male, 20-40). An extremely powerful superhuman, yet displays little interest in gaining power over human affairs. Intimidating. Indifferent to the fact that he’s the smartest person in the room. Exudes an aura of authority despite being highly introverted. Prefers thinking to speaking. Mediterranean/Middle Eastern and dark hair preferred, baritone speaking voice essential, 6ft or over.

Minimum $35 CAD per hour, rates negotiable, paid by standing order within one week after shoot. All expenses paid, meals provided, accommodation will be provided if at all possible considering Covid-19 restrictions.

Rehearsals online 3-5 July, 2 hours, flexible times (paid).
Production date 7th July (all day). If accommodation is possible, we will put you up the night of 6th July. Location: Braunston, Northamptonshire. The shoot has been structured to allow for the Covid-19 restrictions. It takes place outdoors, all persons 1m apart, with hygiene and sanitation protocols in place.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide, UK
Please submit to:
Deadline 8am, July 1st (BST). Please include a video of yourself reading one of the character sides with your submission. Don’t worry about memorizing the script completely, or the background of the video, just make sure your head to waist is in frame and that your voice can be heard clearly. Please also specify your height and your formal training in your submission.

This casting notice was posted by: Gallaher Media Ltd.

Actors in NYC for Web Series “The Opal Office”

The Opal Office

Location: NYC

Type: Web series

“Untitled: The Opal Office” is looking NYC based actors and actresses from ages 25 – 35. We are looking for black and latino actors of all genders, sizes and hues for our lead and supporting roles that give AUTHENTIC New York vibes.

– Lead: Young, ambitious, down to earth, effortlessly attractive, female business exec
– Lead: Young, ambitious, charming, fast talking, smooth, male business exec
– Lead: Young “Olivia Pope” type in jeans and sneakers, female assistant
– Lead: Young, good looking, slightly annoying, flashy, male intern
– Supporting Roles: Heavy Spanish accent scruffy male
– Supporting Roles: Black sophisticated young mother. 40 – 50 who is a trendy artist and sharp lounge

This is a self developed web-series short by a Black Woman Producer in the industry shining light on the behind stories of TV, Film, Commercial Production. We have a very limited budget but can offer a very professional environment, a fun team, and plenty to eat and drink. We’ll make you feel like the star you’re going to be!

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: NYC
Please submit to: by
Please include a headshot and a link to any previous work

This casting notice was posted by: Octavia Pride, Exective Producer

NYC Casting Call for Families That Have Verizon Wireless

Seeking REAL FAMILIES with Verizon Wireless – NON-ACTORS

Location: New York City, NY and Los Angeles, CA

Type: TV Commercial

Does your family have Verizon Wireless?

Tiffany Company Casting is a Los Angeles based casting office that specializes in finding real, everyday people for major commercials.

We are looking for people who live in Los Angeles or New York (or who are within driving distance and willing to commute for a 1 day shoot). Our office is currently searching to find families with Verizon Wireless who fit the following criteria for a PAID project:

Families who enjoy streaming movies, shows, or sports together
Families who feel like they have seen everything on Netflix and are eager to find more content.
Families who obsess over the latest sports news
Families who frequently unite in the same home to watch movies, sports, or shows together
Families who love entertainment and can never agree what to watch.
Families who are dedicated Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars fans and can quote films and/or sing the songs.

Interview Dates:

We will be conducting a brief, prequalifying-15 minute INTERVIEW via Skype or FaceTime on the following dates:

7/7, 7/8, 7/9

Possible Second Round Interviews (to be held via Skype or FaceTime):


MUST BE AVAILABLE during all potential SHOOT dates:

7/21 and 7/22

*Filming will take place on a controlled and secure film set that will adhere to all federal and local guidelines for COVID-19*


We will not be hosting in-person auditions. We strongly encourage you to submit the application with your family to be considered a group. Family members can include grandparents, siblings, children, cousins, etc. All participants should have Verizon and must be available and willing to interview virtually together.


Sorry, we are NOT looking for performers or ACTORS for this project. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We are looking for several people for this. Please feel free to share with family, friends and colleagues who are Verizon Wireless customers!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York City, NY and Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: by
Please email us at to receive an auto-response with detailed instructions to apply via a digital form

This casting notice was posted by: Tiffany Company Casting

New Ken Jeong Hosted Show Casting Terrible Singers in SoCal

Horrible singers wanted!

From the Producers of the Masked Singer, comes a new show.  This show is not looking for the best singers, but actually the worst.


America’s next favorite guessing game will be hosted by comedian Ken Jeong…. I Can See Your Voice.

Looking for terrible singers.

Are you tone deaf? Can’t sing to save your life? Well, this may be right up your alley.

Check out the casting notice below for all the details.

Are you a BAD or TERRIBLE singer?

If you said yes and want to be on a music competition game show apply below!




Auditions for Indie Film Project in Edmonton, AB Canada

Delicious. Finally Some Good F*cking Closure.

Location: Edmonton, AB

Type: Film

Circle and A.R. haven’t seen each other in years. In fact, the last time they spoke was about ten years ago, the day they were forced to flee a spaceship rumoured to be full of treasure. They left something terrible behind there, and they intend to go get it back. No amount of booby traps, ghosts from the past, accidental self-sabotage, or bickering is going to stop them…


Open Gender. Anywhere from 25 – 60 years old. Open Ethnicity. Perpetually drunk, cheeky, petty criminal. Secretly terribly lonely, but he’ll never admit it.

Circle doesn’t have much to show for the last ten years. Unless you include drinking, crippling loneliness, and a pathetic excuse for a smuggling career. Now, after so long, Circle is determined to reunite with their closest friend A.R. and recapture that excitement and fulfillment they got from all those long ago adventures. This time they’re going to finish what they started.

Gender Non-Binary/Open Gender. Anywhere from 25 – 60 years old. Open Ethnicity. Neurotic Tech Genius and Circle’s only friend.

A.R. has thrived for these last ten years. Or at least they like to think so. Sure they don’t have much to show for it, but one of these days they’re sure an invention of theirs will finally work! However, all of that must be put on hold as their oldest, and thoroughly inebriated friend comes crashing back into their life. Like or not, A.R.’s going to have to deal with their past.

Open Gender. 20 – 30 years old. Open Ethnicity. Evil, vengeful consciousness stuck inside the ship’s computer. An excellent liar.

A long, long time ago, Simon was betrayed. They can’t quite remember how long ago. Time means very little when you’re all alone, your consciousness fusing slowly with an ancient spacecraft… One thing they do know for sure, someone is going to pay for all these years of pain. Now finally, they get their chance.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Edmonton, AB
Please submit to:
Please email headshot and resume to with the character you are auditioning for in the subject line.

This casting notice was posted by: Taya Van Dyke

Auditions in Kansas For Sci-Fi Fan Film

Scifi Fanfilm

Location: McPherson, KS

Type: Film

Casting for a sci-fi drama fan film based on the Destiny game franchise to be shot end of July. $100 pay for the day.

In the far future a two sisters work in the same research facility. Little does one sister know her future will change forever when she is contaminated by one of her experiments.

Ana – 20-30s, Female, Asian ethnicity

Elsie – 30’s, Female, open ethnicity ,average build, Surrey or light British accent required

Willa – 30-40s , Female, open ethnicity, average build, Surrey or light British accent required

Maya – 30s, Female, Ethnically ambiguous. Actors with strong features encouraged to apply.

Please send video auditions of a 1-3 minute performance or reel to

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: McPherson, KS
Please submit to: by 2020-07-13
Please submit a 1-3 minute video for a virtual audition.

This casting notice was posted by: YellowBrickFX

Casting Actress in Miami for Social Media Project

Actresses for Facebook Video Advertisement

Location: Miami

Type: Other Projects

Casting female actors between 18-35 years old for a Facebook advertisement video for a social media community.

Do you love to communicate with others? Do you like to talk about yourself and your hobbies? What is something you do just for you? What would your friends say about you? How do you like to interact with others online?

Applicants should record a short video answering these questions and send it, along with your application, to our email address provided. We accept videos by WeTransfer.

Video should be:
– No longer than one minute
– Filmed in HD 1920 x 1080 (1080p, 16:9) or higher (2k, 4k) with 30fps.
– Filmed in landscape. No Selfie mode. Film yourself in the middle of the frame, showing the upper half of your body and face, NO ZOOM.
– Send the final file as .mp4 or .mov

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Miami
Please submit to:
Submit a headshot and bio, as well as the video detailed in the casting information.

This casting notice was posted by: Element Alpha Productions

Video Casting Call for Poem Video

Casting Call for Poem Video

Location: Nationwide

Type: Video

I am looking for African American actors, people or activists to recite this poem on video.

I am creating a poetry video and I am in need of help. I need at least 10 people to recite my poem “Why are the Police so Mean?”

This poem focuses on police brutality, black lives matter movement, and taking a stand and action.

This poem by myself (Gladys W. Muturi)

Title: “Why are the Police so mean?”

My Fellow Officers

I got one thing to say, “Why?”

Why do you have to be so mean?

Do you hate us?

Are we that bad people?

You say you guys are good cops but yet you’re acting like the bad guys

What does your badge mean to you?

To prove you are tough in this community?

You give me respect, I give you respect

But Where is my respect?

My respect from you is yelling when I asked what I have done

Pin hard against my body to the ground

Shooting at me without a warning or a question

Blocking the airway hole where I breathe

Until I blackout,

Knocked out to unconsciousness

Darkness with no movement or sound


Why does the Police have to be so mean?

Is it their job?

Your duty to end our lives?

I’m scared for my life

Does that mean I have to run and hide?

Does my life mean anything to you?

I stand for what I believe in

I stand for my life

I stand for all black people lives

I stand for everyone to be treated equally

My hope is your protection

Protection for all black lives

Black women, Black men, and Black children

No more knees on our necks

No more bullets without a warning

No more chokeholds

No more aggression

No more

I ask for love, loyalty, and respect

Isn’t it too much to ask?

I’m afraid what my future children would say, “Mommy, Why are the police are so mean?”or “Am I safe?”

What should I say?

Yes, the police are mean?

I don’t want to believe

I want to believe in the goodness in the world

But where is that?

Your duty is your promise

Your Promise to keep us safe

Where is your promise?

We don’t hate you, my Fellow Officers

We just want justice for our people

We just want the justice system to do better

We want you to stand with us

You don’t have to like us but help us

I have one thing to say, “Why?”

Why do you have to be so mean?

Ethnicity: African Americans. Any age.

This video project is unpaid but will get credit.

Submit a video of yourself recite poem “Why are the Police so mean?” whether you upload or put a YouTube unlisted video link. Make sure you make the video clear and concise and be able to hear you loud and clear.

Link to the poem:

Link to submit video:

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: See above
Submit a video of yourself recite poem “Why are the Police so mean?”

This casting notice was posted by: Gladys W. Muturi

Auditions in Sydney Australia for “Dorothy”

Wanted: Dorothy

Location: Sydney

Type: Educational

Ever fancied skipping down the yellow brick road?

We’re looking for a Dorothy who can communicate well with small children, hold a tune & can dance.

This is for Wizard of Oz-based online content, filming essentially in South-West Sydney with an experienced crew.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates: Starting August 2020

Character requirement: Female, aged 18 to 25. Must look between 16 & 18 yrs old.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Sydney
Please submit to: by 2020-07-31
Headshot, Resume, Video of song OR dance (your favourite genre)

This casting notice was posted by: Brian Laul

Casting Spokeswoman in Los Angles

California Creative Center

Location: Hollywood

Type: Reality TV

We are seeking a spokeswoman to be the face of our effort to sell the concept of constructing a major architectural landmark that will serve as a headquarters for the war against climate change and environmental degradation.

We are hoping to form an executive committee led by mostly women experts in facility creation and management.

The project is complex and very controversial, not just because of the focus on climate change, etc, but because it would be led by women…and would be for a proposed location. (More later)

The spokeswoman will have to spend an estimated 10 hours a week making “TedTalk” like videos or hosting a blog. (Much is still undecided.)

Forceful, “sell,” presentation is key. Imagine having to convince the public that the seemingly impossible is realistic. Walt Disney said, “Doing the impossible is fun.”

30-50 age group preferred, but?

We hope to stir up trouble in Hollywood and all of California by combining the technical ingenuity of Silicon Valley and the creative talent in Hollywood to produce messaging and solutions to the challenges facing our planet.

If all goes well, this spokeswoman will be a high profile personage familiar to all of Hollywood and California, leading to international recognition if we can successfully pull this off. We hope to celebrate an opening during the 2028 Olympic Games period in Los Angeles.

Compensation is minimal to begin, but many opportunities are available. Time requirements are flexible.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Hollywood
Please submit to: by 2020-07-08
Link to audition sample, printable headshot, resume and return address.

This casting notice was posted by: William Bergmann