Category: Voice Over

Male Singers / Voice Actors for Animated Web Series

Singer and Voice Actor for Animated Cartoon Webseries Location: Nationwide Type: Singers I am looking for two young male singers/ voice actors (roughly ages 15-25) for a cartoon web series. The cartoon features a fictional 1960s “boy band”. The song to be performed is a 1960s style song. There are also speaking lines for one […]

Zoom Auditions for Student Audio Drama Project

Senior Thesis Audio Drama Location: Nationwide Type: Theater Casting Call: Senior Thesis Audio Drama I’m Liv Slaby, a fourth-year undergraduate musicology major and theater minor. My senior capstone and Undergraduate Research Scholars Program project is a half-hour audio drama that I’m writing, directing, and producing this year. We will begin rehearsing and recording in week […]

Voice Actors / Voice Over Actors for Educational Videos

Voice Actors needed for Educational Animated Video Location: Nationwide Type: Video In Search Of Volunteers for Voice Over Work We are a non-profit that teaches personal development skills. We are searching for people to do voiceover work for a short 5-minute, educational, animated video which teaches emotional intelligence concepts. Tone: Educational, Lighthearted Voice 1: Narrator […]

Voice Actors for Short Comedic Promos

Casting Call for male voice talents for online project Location: Nationwide Type: Comedy Looking for American male voice talents to do voice overs of short texts for a prank call service. Hiring remotely. The texts are short (1 minute), we pay 5$ per 1 minute, so for instance for 10 minutes you’ll get 50$. Specifically […]

Actors of Color for Online Audio Drama

Detectives for Hire Location: nationwide Type: Web series ROLE: Looking to cast an actor of color or mixed race to play the lead role of Gino Rosetti in the audio drama ‘Detectives for Hire’ that is currently in production. COMPENSATION: Currently running a fundraiser to raise funds and pay the cast and crew. Learn more […]

Voice Actors for Prank Call Project

Casting Call for urban African American voice talents for prank call service Location: Nationwide Type: Voice actors Looking for an urban African American male voice talent to do a voice over of short texts for a prank call service. Hiring remotely. The texts are short (1 minute), we pay 5$ per 1 minute, so for […]

Voice Actor Audition in Phoenix for Podcast

Need male voice actor for Podcast about cancer. Location: Phoenix Type: Other Projects Dear Theater Community, We need a male actor! I am a playwright and a curator working for the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center located in Biodesign at ASU. We are working on a podcast called “Betsy on the Run” which is the story […]

Auditions for Kid Voice Actors and Singers

Rock On! – Child voice actors/singers wanted Location: US/Canada based Type: Music Video We’re looking two fantastic young voice actors/singers for a fun animated music video starring Team Rock, the stars of the forthcoming animated series Rock On! All voice actors will be paid $20 each for the initial ‘Team Rock Dance’ music video and […]

NYC Area Voice Actor for Audio Drama

Excerpt from an Audio Drama Location: NEW YORK CITY Type: Other Projects Casting a voice actor for a proof-of-concept excerpt from an audio drama that recasts the Robin Hood legend as a dark political tale. You are auditioning for a full-day recording session in NEW YORK CITY of a proof-of-concept excerpt from a proposed limited […]

Voice Actors in Philadelphia for Podcast

Casting Voice Actors for Recurring Roles on Fiction Podcast Location: Philadelphia Type: Other Projects CASTING VOICE ACTORS FOR RECURRING ROLES IN FICTION PODCAST “Lakeview” LOGLINE: In a town where every cryptid is real and every athlete is deadly, a new student arrives for the first time in decades and changes everything. ROLES: DANILO TORRES: male, […]

Voice Actress for Audio Drama Pilot

Female Voice Needed for Audiodrama Pilot Location: Nationwide Type: Other Projects Currently looking for a voice for main female role of an upcoming audiodrama pilot. The project is a comedy/action narrative about ordinary people just trying to live their lives amidst superheroes, supervillains, and the inconvenient disasters that follow. This project is currently unpaid. ROLE […]

V.O. Actors for GoFundMe Campaign Video

V.O. Actors for GoFundMe Campaign Video Location: Nationwide Type: Other Projects YupRG’S@TheAcademy! | V.O. Actors for GoFundMe Campaign Video Slug: Whatever it takes to avoid emotional bankruptcy, abdicating your pursuit, nullifying your dream… Whatever it takes. Do it. Ambition…yours specifically, will always be bigger than you. RG’s about to face hers. Booking: ASAP Contact: […]