Castings and Auditions for batman Vs. Superman

Warner Bros Batman V. Superman(?) or “The Accountant” Casting Call out for Child Principal Roles

Auditions for Ben Affleck Feature Film The Ben Affleck feature film “Batman V. Superman” or “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice“, as it is now called, has been filming in New Mexico for a little bit and news reports have reported that filming in the area may be done, but, New Mexico area casting directors… Read More »

Casting Call for Warner Bros. “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” in Michigan

“Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is moving right along with production in Michigan A new casting call has just been released for the Michigan area. The film is seeking talent that would like to appear in the Superman sequel as a background actor / extras. The film commission just released a new casting notice… Read More »

Open Casting Call for “Superman VS. Batman” Announced in MI

Open Casting call for “Superman V. Batman” or “Batman V. Superman”…. whatever we are calling the Superman sequel! We’ve all been waiting for this and here it is… The Michigan film office just announced the event with a line adding… “no costumes please”! Go figure. So no one is probably sure which superhero name comes… Read More »