Warner Bros Batman V. Superman(?) or “The Accountant” Casting Call out for Child Principal Roles

By | December 12, 2014

Auditions for Ben Affleck Feature Film

The Ben Affleck feature film “Batman V. Superman” or “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice“, as it is now called, has been filming in New Mexico for a little bit and news reports have reported that filming in the area may be done, but, New Mexico area casting directors have just released a new casting call for some Caucasian, kung fu kids today that may be a role in the new film. The name of the project is not mentioned and Ben Affleck also has another movie that is currently filming, “The Accountant“, so could be that as well since he has some fighting skills in that as well.

So the two Ben Affeck / Warner Bros films are the Superman sequel and a thriller called “The accountant” in which Affleck will play an assassin. The Accountant will be directed by Gavin O’Connor. Whichever film it is, it needs 2 kung fu kids!

According to the Film Office, the production stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in the roles of Batman and Superman. The production was filming in Playas and Taos and today released a new call for kids to play a young version of Batman (Well, that’s an educated guess as they are seeking kids with martial arts training who look like a young Affleck in a Warner Bros. film). This is a SAG principal role that will be highly featured in the film. The film is seeking 2 boys, ages 10 and 12 that have extensive martial arts experience in the following disciplines… WUSHU, KUNG FU, or PENCAK SILAT. The casting call is requesting that parents who have kids fitting the below description submit some videos of their boys fighting skills as well as contact info which includes city, state and phone.

‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice‘  is the sequel to ‘Man of Steel‘, which made a whopping $660 million+ across the globe. Zack Snyder who directed ‘Superman Man of Steal‘ is back for the new Superman project. According to reports, the new Superman sequel will also star Jason Momoa  as Aquaman, Gal Gadot has the role of Wonder Woman AKA Diana Prince, Amy Adams, Diane Lane is Martha Kent, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Laurence Fishburne  as Perry Whiteand and Jeremy Irons will be playing Alfred.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice casting call in Detroit

This does seem to be a rush call and the deadline to get your submissions in is this coming Monday.

Midthunder Casting is conducting a talent search for a Warner Bros. feature film that will heavily feature two young boys (SAG principal roles) to play a Caucasian 12 year old boy (to portray a young Ben Affleck) and a Caucasian 10 year old boy.

Both boys must have extensive WUSHU, KUNG FU, or PENCAK SILAT training and experience; however, we will consider high level (state – world champion) competitors in all martial arts forms.

Those interested, please send photos and video clips of fighting skills, training and competitions, as well as contact info and what city/state you reside to:
Deadline to submit:
Monday 12/15, 9:00am

Batman V. Superman” was also previously filming in Michigan and Illinois. It is scheduled for a spring of 2016 release date.

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  1. Hannah Robertson

    Hello! My name is Hannah Robertson and I was interested in being an extra in this movie. I am 16 and female. I live in Colorado but I feel it would be a great opportunity and I listen to directions very well. Thanks!


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