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Do you live in Vegas and need a vacation?

Looking for people that need a vacation! Location: Las Vegas, NV Type: Talk Show A NATIONAL SYNDICATED TALK SHOW IS LOOKING TO SEND YOU ON A REJUVENATING GETAWAY! – Do you work too much? – Is stress overwhelming? – Do you want to try and live a healthier lifestyle? – Are you looking for a […]

Intern wanted for national TV show in Chicago

Student Intern Production Team to Fulltime for National TV Show Location: Chicago Type: Talk Show A hot new show that features the best in Fashion, Entertainment and Music with Celebrity Host. Bringing the hottest Artist, Actors and Models in the industry under one roof. The casting team is looking for Student Intern Production for the […]

Daytime Talk Show Seeks Blended Families

National Syndicated Daytime TalkShow This notice was posted on location: Los Angeles Category: Talk Show NATIONAL SYNDICATED DAYTIME TALK SHOW LOOKING FOR BLENDED FAMILIES Need a blended family intervention? Are you in a dramatic or crazy relationship after you blended your families? We are looking for families who have brought together two different types […]

ABC Show The Revolution needs female guests and couples

ABC DAYTIME TALK SHOW SEEKS DIVORCEE BEFORE AGE 30 Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York Area ABC Daytime Talk Show is looking for couples who experienced a divorce before the age of 30. Have you had a divorce before the age of 30? Do you have unresolved questions or issues with your […]


Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York City area Are you Suzanne Somers biggest fan? Have you watched every television show she’s appeared on? Do you feel like you related to her in some way? Would you do anything to meet her? If so we want to hear from you! Please email your […]

Casting Talk Show Guests

Are you fun loving, energetic, and dying to let someone know you have a secret crush on them? A nationally syndicated TV talk show is looking for individuals who are ready and willing to confess to the man or woman of their dreams. If you think you would make a great candidate for the show, […]