Castings and Auditions for Casting Talk Shows

Dating Detectives Podcast Looking For Stories of Being Scammed

Dating Detectives Podcast holding a casting call for people who got conned. The Dating Detectives podcast delves deep into the murky waters of dating in the modern age, where the world of romance is fraught with deception and deceit. Hosted by PI Mackenzie Fultz, and Comedian Hanna Anderson, our podcast shares gripping stories of conmen,… Read More »

Steve Harvey Talk Show Casting Men Ready To Meet Their Girlfriend’s Parents in L.A.

STEVE HARVEY SEEKING MEN READY TO MEET THEIR GIRLFRIEND’S PARENTS! Location: Los Angeles, CA Type: Talk Show Steve Harvey’s talk show is looking for men who are ready to meet their girlfriend’s parents! Are you ready to take the next step in your relationship and meet your girlfriends folks? Do you plan to visit your… Read More »

Daytime Talk Show Seeks Blended Families

National Syndicated Daytime TalkShow This notice was posted on location: Los Angeles Category: Talk Show NATIONAL SYNDICATED DAYTIME TALK SHOW LOOKING FOR BLENDED FAMILIES Need a blended family intervention? Are you in a dramatic or crazy relationship after you blended your families? We are looking for families who have brought together two different types… Read More »