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A Few Kind Words
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York City, N.Y.
A FEW KIND WORDS Casting Director: Sean Scott
SHORT FILM Casting Date: 8/26/11


Late 30’s. Hank is Amelia’s oldest son and main caregiver. Hank was very attached to his mother but it had very little to do with love, it was based more on guilt. Hank is the only person grieving for Amelia and he is harboring a deep dark secret. LEAD

Mid 30’s. Elliott is Amelia’s 36 year old son. Elliott’s relationship w/ Amelia is virtually non existent. Elliott didn’t hate Amelia but he didn’t love her either. Elliott is a low budget/low maintenance man. He’s an actor/musician. SUPPORTING

Mid 30’s . Adele is Hank’s (Latina) wife and Amelia’s daughter in law. Adele hated Amelia to the core and Amelia’s feelings were mutual. Adele is self absorbed and a closet alcoholic. She is a struggling real estate agent that is secretly having an affair with a co- worker. SUPPORTING

Early 60’s. Charlie is Amelia’s younger brother and Hank’s and Elliott’s uncle. Charlie had a bitter relationship w/Amelia. Amelia resented Charlie’s 1st marriage to a black woman and their child (Max). Their views of the world and the people in it were as different as night and day. Deep down Charlie felt sorry for her. Charlie is an ex hippie and writer that still indulges in the high life. SUPPORTING

Late 20’s. Max is Amelia’s nephew and Charlie’s only son. Max is half black and half white. Max was tortured relentlessly by Amelia for being a bi-racial kid and secretly gay. Max’s is in an open gay relationship with Sean.

Mid 20’s. Sean is Max’s Life Partner. Sean and Amelia had no real relationship. They met a few times before, mainly during the holidays. The two would be cordial to each other and Sean was under the impression that Amelia liked him. Sean is a boutique owner.

Late 40’s. Ann is Charlie’s live-in girlfriend for over ten years. Ann is younger than Charlie. Ann really disliked Amelia and her handicap comments. Ann is partially deaf and wears a hearing aid.

Mid 60’s. Amelia is the world’s biggest racist. She hasn’t a kind word for anyone in the world and that includes her two sons. Amelia is un-kept and walks around in her ratty old bathrobe.

Mid 30’s. Evan is Adele’s pretty face/ empty headed hunky co-worker. He and Adele have been having an affair for the better half of a year.

Late 40’s. Charles is the head person at Amelia’s locale parish. Charles is a kind man that struggles to find kind words for not so kind people.

Mid 20’s. Natasha is Elliott’s super hot Russian Girl-toy. Her heavy accent, broken English and strange customs are shadowed by her incredible beauty. Natasha struggles to understand and fit in at Hank’s dinner party.

18 years old. Melissa is Elliott’s young childhood flame (Seen in a flashback).



Casting Location: New York City, N.Y.
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