Casting Actors 30+ for a Short Film Shoot | Los Angeles


We are an experienced Film Director, Writer and Editor based in LA and an NYC-based Motion and Effects Designer. Between us we have access to a full-service post-production studio and cutting-edge skill-set.

We are renting lighting and a high-end camera for one day and have one or more simple locations for a setting in the Silver Lake area, where we plan to tape a short film and do preparation work. The date of the taping would be Sat 2/27, with 2/28 as the “rain date” or possible follow-up date if something goes wrong.

There will be a script provided via email a few days prior to the filming date. There is some opportunity for improvisation as part of the creative process. Please also be more than willing to take direction and be a team player.

This film is going to be about a dysfunctional couple having a domestic dispute with some suggestion of intimacy and some suggestion of domestic violence. It’s an art film that’s meant to be serious but have some subtle entertainment value through its uniqueness. It’s meant to be dismal, gritty, grim and without a sense of hope -perhaps misanthropic. We are looking to depict two people who despise one another, yet have been entrapped by dependance. It is a serious Filmic undertaking; we’re seeking actors who will give a serious performance.

We are seeking responses from Actors and Actresses aged 30+ (late 20s would be ok) and will ultimately select one male and one female. Please include a resmue, headshot and a little about yourself and what appeals to you about this project in your response. Please also include any links to video of yourself acting (the more info, the better). If you’re able to, please tape yourself reciting the following lines and provide a link.

“Good. It’s unhealthy. And she is using you. She’s way too needy Bud. She’s out of control. It’s disgusting. You tell me she’s coming apart but I think that’s a lie. All she does is laundry all day. And those horrid bears. That bear collection. That she spends all her money on. That’s why she’s broke! ”

Please be prepared to wear plain, street clothing. Being comfortable in some state of undress is preferred (nudity isn’t required).

This is considered an internship opportunity and a chance to build your acting reel and be part of this project. We’re offering $30 for compensation. Release forms will be given and can be emailed in advance.

After the final edit has been made, we will provide a Quicktime movie for each participant to download (if there’s a particular clip that didn’t make it, we can provide that as well). We are financing this ourselves. Our goal is to promote this film as best we can to showcase our work and the work of all involved (it will be submitted for showings and festivals). The producers will have ownership, with rights given to the actors for their own personal use.

It’s a great opportunity for the right candidates to be showcased in a short film. We’re hoping to have the opportunity to work with some great talent.

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