Fear Factor Open Casting Call and Tryouts


Fear Factor 2011 / 2012 Tryouts – Do you have the guts to face your fears?

NBC’s “Fear Factor” is casting for the new season and seeking teams of 2 for the show. Teams can consists of any two adults who have a pre-existing relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend, roommates, BFF’s, etc). Fear Factor is a reality competition show where teams face the scariest / grossest situations and overcome them to win $50,000. You know the one…

  • Can you stomach the slimiest things you can imagine?
  • Hang off high buildings?
  • Jump out of Helicopters?
  • and, try to complete some kind of task at the same time?

If so, you may be the next contestant on “Fear Factor” 2011

Do you have what it takes to win “Fear Factor”? If you believe you do you can attend an open casting call. Those that can not attend the open call can create a video and send it into the show.

2 Open auditions for “Fear Factor” are scheduled in the Southern California area. People not living in SoCal who still want to tryout for the show need to mail in an application and video.

“Fear Factor” Tryouts 2011 / 2012

Saturday, June 18th 2011
Crunch Fitness
8000 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
2:00pm – 6:00pm

Saturday, June 25th 2011
Crunch Fitness
23633 El Toro Road
Lake Forest, CA 92630
12:00pm – 4:00pm

If you plan to attend the open call, you must bring your teammate with you plus both of you need to complete a Fear Factor application.  CLICK HERE to download the application for Fear Factor.

The show will only accept videos that are sent in on a DVD or a miniDV, nothing else will be accepted and videos will not be returned.

CLICK HERE to download the application for Fear Factor. Each teammate per team must complete his/her own application and each must including a recent photo.

Send your video and application to:

Fear Factor 2011 Casting
Attn. Casting Duo
1741 Ivar Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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19 thoughts on “Fear Factor Open Casting Call and Tryouts

  1. ben dinh

    I want to know if I can apply for other eposide and when are u guys excepting casting for other eposides.

  2. free audition listings Post author

    Posted by Vanessa
    I’m Vanessa. Im 18 years old and am attending college at Notre Dame De Namur University. I love a challange. I have no fears and I would LOVE to be apart of fear factor and to show myself and everybody that I have no fear. My best friend/Roommates name is Hannah Verschelden. She also has no fears and together we feel we would be great contestants to Fear Factor. We bring our A game and don’t settle for less than 1st place. We both are competitive soccer players and both play here at the University. We may be some sort of girly girls but we are always down for a challenge and to prove people wrong. It’s what we live for. PICK US FOR FEAR FACTOR if you want to make your show 10X more interesting.

  3. Michael DiMartino

    My names Mike. I’m 18 and have a best friend Becca Fulginiti who’s also 18. When we hang out we’re a blast in a glass and always competing! I’m a freshman at Iona College and Becca is currently a senior in high school. I’ve played sports my whole life including ten years of wrestling, and Becca was a gymnast for 13 years! I toss Becca around all the time when we hang out and she can take a fall or two! She’s a tough girl and I’d love to be her teammate in this competition. Becca and I always say how we’re going to get married so winning this competition would give us some extra money for our future. Fear Factor would lucky to have us!

  4. Aika

    hey, so the names aikaaa! pronounced as I-KA. Im 17 years old, I play basketball, do track & field/cross country. Known as a party animal, I like to talk ;p My dad is in the military, he was also in the air force, and was a security guard. We’ve been watching the show since i was like 10, and we always talked about how we would win, we’d rip;D! We both have strong stomachs, we even watched the show tonight!haha. we’re both athletic, we can HANDLE~

  5. manzo

    hi my name is manzo me and my dad want to be on the show bad for famliy fear factor i am 12 and my dad is a strong 49 years old plz plz contact us at 301 317 6797 or are email mahamoudconde@yahoo.com

  6. Jacob Calles

    Helllo my friend,

    I see you wanting to make videos of factory of fear. I like show and make great strong try to get on tv. I eat crawling sneaky bug for make full when im hungry. I can eat of many of them. I do not like frosting of cake in your country America. I hope I will not have to eat it on tv screen. I do not haves the person with me to help win lots of money on show, but I want the uncle on show. He strong like ox and pick up small car to save dog when little. It was very good for dinner. Please make contribute to email to me to tell me how to win lots of American money.
    jacob m d calles

  7. Jessica

    I’am dying for a chance to show my skills on this show…. I will do anything literally to be a winner. I am highly competitive and pretty humorous when I have to do crazy stunts that’s for sure. I’am a huge fan of this show and would definately make a lasting good impression wheter I’am eliminated or the last one standing. I’am 21 years old with a wicked desire to test my fears. I’am not going to lie and say that I don’t have any but I solemly promise to try anything. That is the whole meaning of the show. Please contact me back and let me know when Fear Factor will visit northeastern U.S I live in Pennsylvania and I will travel anywhere in our Northeastern area.

  8. Shakeya Washington

    Hey FearFactor I am 23 years old and i would love a chance to b apart of your show, I’m a fulltime mother/homemaker. Also My fian

  9. Mallory

    Country boy & girl from Louisiana wanna be on your show fear factor. It’s like ol’ hank Williams says, “country folks can survive” well lets see if it’s true. lol I’m a 26 yr old dental assistant/single mom and my little brother is 20 in the oil field. America will fall in love with us and our southern accents.

  10. stacy weston

    Would lke to tryout for fear factor. How do I apply? Please send me all the info needed to try out.

  11. diana

    My name is Diana and I’m from el paso tx, me and my brother love this show. We would love to try out for fear factor.. please send me all the information we need to try out thanks…

  12. Paul

    Whats up fear factor.. Checkin out your show lately and some of them are soft stunts and not so gruesome like they should be. If your looking for a real competitor that has balls of steel and that would take any challenge, I’m your guy. If you are looking for teams like said above, no problem, done deal.

  13. carlos

    Wassup fear factor my name is Carlos. I’M from Seattle W.A . I JUST GOT ONE THING to say, show me what you got. I’ve been watching the show since I was 15 years old. Now that I’m 23, I want to prove to the world that the people from Seattle have what it takes to win this competition. I SHOW NO FEAR !# ;-) YEAH BUDDY Happy holidays to all ..

  14. Antu Singh

    hey… I’m a big fan of fear factor and I want to also participate in this.

  15. Dakota Partain

    My name is Dakota me and my dad have been watching fear factor for a long time. I am 15 and we would like to be on you’re next family episode of Fear Factor. Email me Information and a form for us to fill out that would be great!

  16. Adrianna Bozeman

    Me & my roommate have been dying to be on Fear Factor. How do we apply for 2013?


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