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Film audition posted by the Casting Director
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Baltimore/DC

Shooting a short film based on Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The System of Dr. Tarr and Mr. Feather”

Professor Altair – 50′s-60′s Male or Female Clear voice, professorial or professional attitude
Max – 30′s Male, stocky, short hair, clean shaven
Edgar – late 20′s to mid 30′s Male. Tall, thin, handsome, well spoken, regal, main character.
Classroom of students – (variety of people) either all young (early 20′s) or all older (40′s – 50′s)
Doctor Maillard – 50′s-60′s Male. Beard is a plus. Clear eyed, intelligent, well spoken.
Belle – early 20′s female, lithe, attractive (able to portray niece of Dr. Maillaird) artistic .
Mr. Brittania – 40′s Male, pronounced (fat) belly.
Mrs. Gold – 30′s – 50′s Female Matronly
Mr. Little – 30′s Male, small or short
Miss White – 20′s – 30′s Female Ballerina,
Mr. Danvers – 50′s plus Male
Mrs. Laplace – 60′s plus Female, Aristocratic, feminine
Mr. DeKoch – 30′s Male, muscular but not extreme,
Mr. Cicero – Male 30′s – 50′s commanding voice.
Butler – Male, 20′s – 50′s
Adam – Male, 20′s

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Casting Location: Baltimore/DC
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