Can you create something out of nothing? Atlanta


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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta Georgia
Do you have drive and determination?
Are you self-motivated?
Can you create something out of nothing?
Are you computer literate?
Are you an overachiever?
Will you stop at nothing to win and achieve your dream?
Than we are looking for you!

We are looking for a few select people with heart, drive, and determination. A few people who are motivated enough to produce and make things happen. $10,000 will be given to the last man standing.

There is a very well off angel philanthropist who just loves to give away money. He has been giving anonymously to many nonprofit organizations and charity causes. He is a true believer in talent and giving back. Now he would like to give money away to you, but you must prove that you deserve it.

Can you finance my dream?

Yes, and all you need is a burning desire and the passion to succeed.
Do not respond if you are timid, lack self-confidence, or cannot get results. YOU MUST HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING.
To enter the contest all you have to do is simply send an e-mail to

Be sure to include the following information:
Your name, age, description of current employment, a photo,

Respond with these three following statements finished with your own thoughts.

1. If I had $10,000 cash in my hand right now I would …
2. Being that the economy changed over the past few years I …
3. I feel that you should finance my dream because …

The winner of the competition, will be granted the $10,000 cash prize and a spot to compete for the next level competition of $100,000 cash prize give-away.

*This is an equal opportunity contest. This contest is open to all applicants with drive and determination regardless of employment status, race, gender, religion, education level or disability. Must be 18 years or older to apply.

Entry deadline:October 23,2010
This contest will consist of weeks of test to determine who has the most drive and determination
Salary/Wage: $10,000 first level – $100,000 second level
Education: No formal education needed – You only need drive and passion

• Location: Atlanta and Surrounding Areas

Casting Location: Atlanta Georgia
Contact email: