Casting Career Makeover Show | Los Angeles

By | July 20, 2010

Los Angeles Casting Call

A major cable Network has teamed with a top production company on a new career makeover series! We are looking for jobseekers ready for a change and a challenge to feature in the pilot. If you or a loved one is in serious need of a style update and professional overhaul, this is an exciting opportunity!

Are you at a standstill in your career? Need a jump-start? Are you sick of current job? Ready for a new opportunity? Are you a stay-at-home mom reentering the workforce? Are you living the life your parents want for you instead of pursuing your dream job? Did a family tragedy or personal illness require a leave of absence? Do your family and friends think you are not meeting your full potential?

If you are at a crossroads in your career: We want YOU.

We are looking for professionals and jobseekers in their 30’s-40’s with personalities that pop to take on a real transformation for their transition.

Our expert and team of specialists will provide a full makeover: wardrobe, appearance, hair and makeup, etiquette, attitude, interview, skills, etc.

Have you fallen out of touch with the job market and corporate culture? Are you have been stuck in the same style as your first job? Have you overcome some major obstacles in your life or career?

Share your inspirational, shocking, or unique story with us!

To apply: Please email your story, contact information, 2 photos (1 head, 1 body shot) and a resume to Selected candidates will be contacted directly.

Note: Footage is for Network use only and will not be aired. You must be available for filming in Los Angeles in August.