Casting Pilot – Are you pregnant and he doesn’t know?


From Executive Producer Howie Mandel, a new NETWORK pilot is casting women in the LA area who are willing to share this life-changing moment in UNFORGETTABLE fashion!!

Are you pregnant and keeping it a secret?

Are you going to be a mom & want to surprise the daddy-do-be in a SPECTACULAR way fit for TV?

Is there someone else you want to surprise with this news?

We are casting women who are…
– Ages 18 and over, legal permanent resident of the U.S.
– Willing to have your surprise baby news captured on camera for a MAJOR network pilot
– Outgoing, charismatic, and confident in your choice to share this memorable moment with your loved one(s) & possibly the world!

If you’re ready to reveal your growing Bundle of Joy in an over-the-top style, email us at TODAY!

Please include your name, preferred contact info, occupation, current photo & brief summary of yourself and the person(s) you’re ready to surprise, as well as why you’re the adventurous mom-to-be we’re looking for!