Open Auditions for 3 Short Films


We will be holding open auditions for 3 new independent 16mm short films this Sunday. Please bring a resume and headshot/picture with you if available.

February 21st
1:00pm – 7:00pm

Audition Location:
Devos Center (GVSU Campus)
University Club Room (107C)
401 West Fulton Grand Rapids, MI

Meals, credit, copy of the film, a great experience with a professional crew, and great exposure to festivals around Grand Rapids and all over the country.

“Springfield & Summer Sausage”
Directed by, Chris Kotcher
Written by award-winning writer/director, Mike Johnson

STORY: An odd young man with a strong passion and some peculiar habits, quits his day job to finally pursue his dream of becoming a writer… without much idea how.

BOBBY (20’s / Early 30’s): In a rundown neighborhood, he seems to be the only one with any life left in him. And now, he’s finally taking a chance at telling the world his story, but he loses his confidence when his insecurities get to him and he discovers the rest of the world just isn’t listening.
GEORGE (30’s / 40’s): Bobby’s mailman who’s also one of his closest friends. George somewhat understands this, and seeing him day after day he gets concerned about Bobby’s expectations but tries his best to humor him.
HARVEY HALLOWAY (40’s / 50’s): Editor-in-Chief at the Springfield Gazette. He is the last one Bobby meets about possibly getting his story published. He sees Bobby is passionate… but in the end, he is a businessman.

**Also casting for other supporting characters in similar age-ranges.

Shooting Dates: March 19-22

“The Other Side”
Written & Produced by: Dan Campbell / Directed by: Connor Cox

STORY: An armed robber who is suffering from amnesia is lost in the woods. He comes upon objects that have been discarded, which when touched, trigger flashbacks that give him pieces of information of how he got where he is. However, the final piece is something that will change his life forever.

JON (20’s / Early 30’s): Jon is a lower class citizen with a lot of regrets in regards to the way his life has turned out. He’s fallen into a world of petty crime that he can’t seem to break away from. While living the life of an outlaw he’s constantly looking for a way out, however he finds himself repeatedly thrust back into the only thing he knows, a life of crime. Jon also has minor amnesia for half of the film, so he’s growing more and more weary about his past as the film progresses.

MIKE (20’s / Early 30’s): Mike is the polar opposite of Jon. He has a boisterous personality and doesn’t care what anybody else thinks as he makes his offensive opinions known. In the past, Mike has repeatedly convinced Jon into being his ‘back-up’ during these heists and wants nothing more than to become the next Butch Cassidy or Jesse James. He’s a cowboy and is extremely unstable. Because of a lack of stability in his personal life, Mike feels the need to continue planning and executing these dangerous heists just so he can ‘get his kicks’. Constantly in denial and without any regrets, Mike is a loose cannon with nothing to lose and he knows it.

Shooting Dates: March 27-28 (All Day)

Directed by award-winning writer/director, Mike Johnson
Written by, Grant Hyde

STORY: A particularly dim ‘bro’ sets out to turn a ‘hipster’ into a fellow bro in order to win a bet against yet another bro. Bro.

TREVOR (18-23): A Bro. Has some self-esteem issues but covers them with body spray.
DENNIS (18-23): A fellow Bro. More confident and more Bro-tastic than Trevor.
MIKE (18-23) A Hipster. Cynical and pretentious, he becomes the project of Trevor.

**We are also looking for a number of extras, basically anyone college-aged. There are a number of clique roles to be filled.

Shooting Dates: March 12-14

If you’re unable to stop by during the block of time, send your email with resume/headshot to:

*If you would like a copy of the script ahead of time, feel free to request one via email.

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