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Seeking the following:

Season has not been solidified, yet, but here are some productions we may be considering:
HONEY BROWN EYES, by Stephanie Zadrevec
ALMA – 30s. Female. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Thin. (Bosnian-Muslim)
DRAGAN – 20s. A soldier with the White Eagle paramilitary. (Bosnian-Serb)
ZLATA – 12 years old. Alma’s daughter. Looks like Alma. Brown hair. Brown eyes.
DENIS – Late 20s. Alma’s brother. Tall. (Bosnian- Muslim)
JOVANKA – 60s+. Petite. Tough, resilient, unsentimental. (Bosnian- Serb)
BRANKO/MILENKO – 30s. Serb paramilitary soldiers. Physically large and/or menacing.

CARMICHAEL – A street-wise, intimidating, mysterious man with one hand.
MERVYN – A strange, yet friendly hotel clerk.
MARYLYN – A pretty 22 year old blonde.
TOBY- A 27 year old black male.

BRIGHT WHITE, by Lauren Gunderson
Rudolf Bauer – 62, brilliant but hardened man – grey-white hair – like an eagle
Louise Bauer – 50, very pretty, blonde, sweet and defensive – like a canary (Pronounced closer to Louiseh than Loueezz)
Hilla Rebay – 60, beautiful, powerful, electric woman – a lioness

Prepare 2 minute contemporary comedic monologue and a 2 minute dramatic monologue. We will not have an accompanist available (you are not required to sing at this audition), if you’d like to sing, please replace one of the monologues with an acapella 2 minute song.

Casting: Natalie Lawson

June 19th: 6pm-9pm
June 20th: 12pm-3pm

SF Playhouse
533 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
We’re the theatre upstairs.

Bay Area Theatre

for appointment Please email Natalie Lawson at

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