Casting Student Film Baltimore


Open Casting Call for Actors and Non-Actors in Baltimore HD Student Short Film “COCO”

Baltimore, MD
shooting March 11, 2011 to April 17, 2011


It’s the day before high school starts and Coco, a former child actor, is about to enter her freshman year at the age of 19. Coco is haunted by regret, knowing she is already a has-been before she even turns 20.

Character Breakdowns:

Coco: Female, 18-20 years old, blonde with soft features. She is torn between her reality as a high school freshman and her delusion of being a washed up has-been.
Vika: Female, mid – late 40’s, attractive and slightly eastern European looking. Vika is Coco’s caring Russian mother who wants nothing more than for her daughter to be normal.
Anna: Female, 11-13 years old, Coco’s cousin. Anna is a typical middle school girl who sees Coco’s age as a social advantage entering High School.
Young Coco: Female, 5-7 years old, blonde. Actress needed to play young Coco in a cereal commercial.
Marc: Male, 25-30 years old, very tall, handsome, and dark skinned. Marc is Coco’s confident stepbrother who knows how special Coco really is. (Should be the physical opposite of Coco.)
Coco’s Father: (V.O only) Male in his late 40’s. Must be able to work well with children.

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