Dance Auditions New York City


Looking for Dancers!!! curvy, short.. tall all are welcomed!!!
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York
D’Strict RED is fairly new. Have already done some cool important gigs. We are an entertainment company starting from the ground up looking for people who are in this for the long haul.

We do events, shows, parties, promos and etc. Started with one dancer, turned in to 11 and then stopped. It was started back up a few months ago. Its now here to stay. build serious connections with people. We are all passionate about performing. We take this seriously. =]

New dance company is expanding & they need more girls.

Three parts.. Go go dancing, hip hop and modeling.

We are looking for dancers!!!!! Go- Go dancers feel free to apply BUT Trained professional HipHop, Pop, & etc are WELCOMED!!! Dancers needed. Must be fit. Curvy built acceptable also. Must be willing to travel. 18+ ok but 21+ preferred. Must be Manhattan & Brooklyn & queens accessible. More will be explained at audition. Must love dancing!! All dancers have to be willing to model as well for certain events, parties, promos & shows. Must be willing to come to rehearsals and be on call.

Payment varies depending on assignment.
For Go-Go Dancing please know how to Club Dance/sexy dancing for (go go aplicants). Hip Hop dancers can also be placed in that category

Hip Hop and/or one or some of its variations(breaking, wacking, isolations, gliding, popping, waving, freestyle, house).

All have an idea how to pose, and how to walk/dance in heels.


ALL dancers please be willing to be models for some promos, events, parties & etc.

ALL welcome, skinny, short, tall, curvy & etc. Experience does not matter as long as you can learn choreography fast and dance the hell out of it. Dancing in heels are a plus.

Casting Location: New York
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