MTV True Life


MTV True Life ‘American Family’

Are you sick of seeing unreal reality TV? Do you think your family is more fascinating than those Krazy Kardashians? Or more modern than that scripted Modern Family? Are your parents completely outrageous regardless of who’s watching? Do you guys argue, love and laugh with all of your might? If this sounds familiar AND there is something pulling you WAY close together (even if you don’t always want it)…like a family business or too many cousins living all in your small neighborhood…then we want to hear from you!

MTV is on the hunt right now for the ultimate, unscripted, authentic family…one that is complicated, LOUD and easy to love. If your family or a family you know is absolutely hilarious and has its fair share of drama, then this could be their chance to be stars. Of their OWN DOCUMENTARY SHOW! We are looking for real people who think it’s time for the world to see the life of a TRUE American family.

If you know a family that is made for TV, tell them to send an email to right away. Include the contact information (full names, emails and phone numbers of each of them), descriptions of each of their personalities, and what a typical day is like in their household. We want to hear all about the sibling rivalries, the household dilemmas, and the touching moments that turn your house into a home, so be really descriptive. Send photos and even video if you can!