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MTV True Life: Superstitious

MTV’s True Life is a documentary series that covers different topics on each episode. The show has covered numerous topics from serious issues like addiction to the really fun like visiting the ‘Jersey Shore’. During each episode an MTV crew follows people that face the same problem or issue that the episode is about, exploring […]

MTV True Life: Dating Friend’s Ex

MTV’s True Life is casting for some new episodes. One of the stories they need is about dating yoyr friend’s ex. Check it out! TRUE LIFE: I’M DATING MY FRIEND’S EX Making a relationship work is tough enough, but what if your best friend had history–messy history–with your new boyfriend or girlfriend? Could you handle […]

MTV True Life: I Love / Hate Guns

TRUE LIFE: I LOVE/HATE GUNS Do you own a gun? Do you use it for protection or for recreational purposes? When you hear of incidents of gun violence does it make you want to gather more arms? Do you consider yourself a responsible gun owner but are now facing vocal opposition about your guns from […]

Casting MTV’s True Life

MTV – ‘High Maintenance Girlfriend’ casting notice posted by the Producer/Director Casting notice posted on, casting location: MTV Casting Calls TRUE LIFE: I HAVE A HIGH MAINTENANCE GIRLFRIEND Does your girlfriend totally dominate your relationship? Does she call all the shots while you just follow her lead? Are you at her beck and call all of […]

MTV True Life

MTV True Life ‘American Family’ Are you sick of seeing unreal reality TV? Do you think your family is more fascinating than those Krazy Kardashians? Or more modern than that scripted Modern Family? Are your parents completely outrageous regardless of who’s watching? Do you guys argue, love and laugh with all of your might? If […]

MTV True Life

TRUE LIFE: I’M GOING TO SECOND CHANCE SCHOOL Are you going to a special school or program because your behavior has gotten you into trouble? Have you dropped out or been expelled from school because you’ve gotten in trouble? Are your parents frustrated and think your behavior is out of control? Are you considering going […]

MTV True Life “Chubby Chaser”

MTV True Life Casting TRUE LIFE: I’M A CHUBBY CHASER Do you actively pursue plus-size women? Do you prefer your man to be carrying more than a few extra pounds? Do you have a passion for healthy curves? Are you in love with BBW (Big Beautiful Women) or SSBBW (Super-sized big beautiful women)? Is your […]

Casting MTV True Life

TRUE LIFE: I’M ADDICTED TO EXERCISE Do you spend every last minute of your free time exercising? Do you work out multiple times in a day? Do you have feelings of anxiety, dread or depression if you can’t work out? Are you unhappy with the way you look no matter how much you work out? […]

MTV True Life

TRUE LIFE: I’M A TEXTAHOLIC Are you addicted to texting? Do you feel like you can’t be separated from your phone for more than five minutes without feeling extremely anxious? Do you live with the constant fear that you will miss a text or the opportunity to send a text? Is texting your primary means […]

MTV True Life

TRUE LIFE: I’M BEING SENT AWAY Are you being sent away from home because of your behavior? Maybe you have to go live with a relative or a family friend because you’ve been getting into trouble, or maybe your parents have decided to send you to a boarding or military school. Or possibly you are […]

Be on MTV

True Life TRUE LIFE: I’M A SURROGATE Are you pregnant…with someone else’s baby? Do you enjoy being pregnant? Are you willing to give the gift of life to a couple in need by carrying their child for nine months? Have you been a surrogate before – for strangers, friends, or family members? Or is this […]

Be on MTV – MTV True Life Tryouts

Be on MTV True Life Casting Call TRUE LIFE: I’M BEING KICKED OUT BY MY PARENTS Are your parents threatening to kick you out of their house? Maybe your lifestyle is clashing with theirs — or perhaps they simply think it’s time for you to fully support yourself. Either way, if you’ve worn out your […]

MTV True Life

MTV Reality Casting TRUE LIFE: I LOOK LIKE THE OPPOSITE SEX Do you often get mistaken for a member of the opposite sex? Are you a girl with male features? Are you a boy with a feminine look? Could you pass for a different gender? Do you get annoyed when people assume you’re a different […]