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Are you dating a cheapskate? MTV’s TRUE LIFE Wants to hear your story!

Location: nationwide Type: Reality TV TRUE LIFE: I’M DATING A CHEAPSKATE Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who pinches so many pennies it’s pinching your last nerves? Do your romantic evenings out often include coupons? Or does your partner forgo restaurants altogether in favor of dining establishments that feature value meals? Will he or… Read More »

MTV True Life: Superstitious

MTV’s True Life is a documentary series that covers different topics on each episode. The show has covered numerous topics from serious issues like addiction to the really fun like visiting the ‘Jersey Shore’. During each episode an MTV crew follows people that face the same problem or issue that the episode is about, exploring… Read More »

Casting MTV’s True Life

MTV – ‘High Maintenance Girlfriend’ casting notice posted by the Producer/Director Casting notice posted on, casting location: MTV Casting Calls TRUE LIFE: I HAVE A HIGH MAINTENANCE GIRLFRIEND Does your girlfriend totally dominate your relationship? Does she call all the shots while you just follow her lead? Are you at her beck and call all of… Read More »

MTV True Life

TRUE LIFE: I’M GOING TO SECOND CHANCE SCHOOL Are you going to a special school or program because your behavior has gotten you into trouble? Have you dropped out or been expelled from school because you’ve gotten in trouble? Are your parents frustrated and think your behavior is out of control? Are you considering going… Read More »