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location: Washington DC

Category: Film

Seeking actors (Female) for a short spot in a film festival movie project.

Since there is very little budget for this 1st project I can only offer you $50, name credit, a DVD copy of the movie and On Set refreshments. The entire shoot shouldn’t take more than 1 day (4 or 5 hours). The role :

Tim’s ex-girlfriend Rosa used to work for a private government defense contractor from which she stole the *Artifact and a specialized explosive specifically designed to destroy the portal/gateway should the need arise.

Rosa, influenced by the spirit of Artemis sends the Artifact back though the portal to **Persepolon and one by one destroys what she believes to be all the portals here on earth, there by saving The Lost Tribe from harm.

Tim is a loyal government agent who believes in the ‘system’ and that when you follow the ‘rules’ the system works. He believes he is doing the right thing and takes on the mission believing it comes from legitimate sources for legitimate reasons. He will therefore carry out his orders to the very best of his abilities.

Here’s a brief description of the story line
An average everyday man with a lower middle class income is chosen to defend a lost tribe of ancient Persians who settled and evolved on another planet, half way across the galaxy.

The government discovers the existence of this lost tribe and a “portal” or gateway to their home world–since massive armies, heavy weapons or machinery cannot be sent through this portal, they send one man as a prelude to an invasion to, capture and exploit the power and resources of this lost tribe and its home world.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Washington DC
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