‘My Cat From Hell’


‘My Cat From Hell’ is now searching hellcats in the Los Angeles area.

Do people constantly complain about your cats behavior? Do others believe your cat may in fact have run through all its nine lives at one point and came back to earth as Satan’s little helper, wreaking havoc on anything within a claws reach?

Does your kitty have some serious behavioral issues that are causing stress and tension at home between you and others in the house?

Do you and your kitty need the help of Jackson Galaxy? Is so, you may be in luck because Jackson Galaxy is looking for misbehaving kitty cats and their owners for Animal Planet’s Hell Cats.

JACKSON GALAXY, our expert cat behaviorist hasn’t met a cat he couldn’t help! If your cat has behavioral problems that are driving you crazy, then send us an email today! From excessively growling, meowing, nipping, scratching, biting, ruining furniture, tearing the house upside down, escaping, etc., Jackson will try to transform your cat back to the feline you love!


Please include your name, age, city, contact phone number and who you live with. Tell us about your cat and how it’s affecting your life/relationship: Include your cat’s name, age, breed, where you got the cat and tell us, in detail, about your cat’s behavioral problems and why you (or your family) are at your wits end. Include pictures of yourself, your family members and of your cat!

Must live in/around the Los Angeles area.


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