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Film 5 Productions (Title in progress)
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Art institute of Dallas, 8080 Park lane, Dallas Tx
Story: The Story Follows Mondo Elriz who expereinces horrific life changing events when him and his girlfriend Alissa go for a swim in a contaminated lake. Alissa’s life end right there and then but Mondo is cursed to deal with the gruesome death of his Girl friend, The whispers and rumors that he killed her, and oh ya he has the power to become water now. Unknowing whats going on with himself and if he is dying or not his sister Kira Elriz and Best friend Aj Dobroski try their hardest to help him and protect him from Charlie Ramson the older brother to the dead Alissa. Charlie beleives that Alissa’s death was no accident and if its the last thing he does he will punish Mondo, if Mondos new powers dont kill him first.

Mondo Elriz:Mondo is Tall, athletic, goodlooking, white, dark hair, in his early 20’s He is a bit aggresive but has a soft side to him that just wants help but is to scared to ask for it. He struggles with the death of his Girl friend, the blame from his old friend, the smothering of his love ones, and the dark thoughts in his head that tell him he is becoming a monster.

Alissa Ramson:
Brunnete and sexy in her early 20’s
She is seductive in a cute way. A playful personality. The actress for this role needs to be able to portray a painful death.

Aj Dobroski:
Short, tanned, and very muscular, in his early 20’s
Aj seems like he could beat the crap out of you but has a gentel look to him as well. Aj is extreamly protective of the ones he loves.

Charlie Ramson: Tall and crazed looking in his early 20’s Charlie was once a friend to Mondo, Aj, and Kira and was always known for being a bit crazy. He loses his mind after the death of his sister and does everything in his power to prove Mondo Killed her even if it means hurting Mondo.

Casting Location: Art institute of Dallas, 8080 Park lane, Dallas Tx
Contact email: Wayofilm@gmail.com

One thought on “Dallas Film – Actors Wanted

  1. Akira

    any parts for people who are 13 or people who can pass for 10 or 16 depending on the outfits, hair and make up, Btw i dont wear make up but i will for this.


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