DC – Superhero Celebrity Rehab: The Musical


Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Washington, D.C.

Superhero Celebrity Rehab: The Musical
Directed by Brian Sutow (No Rules Theatre)
Written by Brendan Snow and William Segal
In Capital Fringe 2012
Website: www.superherocelebrityrehab.com

Seeking non-AEA / AEA. Must be at least 18 years of age.


Auditions: 3/27 and 3/29, 8p-11p at Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church, 201 4th St. SE
If interested but unavailable during audition times, let us know.

Rehearsals: 6/24-7/11

Performances: 7/12-7/24


Musical comedy in the tone of “Spelling Bee.” Supernova can harness the power of a thousand suns, but when his cocaine habit gets out of hand he’s given a choice: he can quit crimefighting, or he can check in at Origins Rehabilitation Center for Superheroes. On the inside, Supernova undermines his therapist and breaks the rules outrageously, but after he destroys something he loves, he vows to get clean for good with the help of a lovable group of superhero misfits. Can Supernova overcome himself? Can The Scarlet Letter cast aside her debaucherous powers of superseduction? Can The Great Fondue overcome his overeating? Just who is Nightmare the Night-Stallion? It’s only when they battle the deadly villainess Black Hole that the residents of Origins learn the true nature of the Higher Super Power.


SUPERNOVA (Tenor): A handsome and powerful man, Supernova is a superhero a cut above the rest. Although he has the sunny outlook of a lovable frat boy (and a deep dedication to his pet turtle) an unfortunate cocaine habit has begun to damage his job performance.

DR. BONNIE (Mezzo/Belt): The head counselor at Origins Rehab, Dr. Bonnie is a sharp, shrewd professional. But lurking beneath her doctorly exterior is a former superhero with great power.

THE GREAT FONDUE (Baritone): His superhuman sense of smell has unfortunately led The Great Fondue to obesity. Don’t let his girth fool you, he has a professorial mind of great distinction (he can smell over 400 kinds of cheese quite clearly, after all).

THE SCARLET LETTER (Mezzo/Belt): Her sexuality has always been this superhero’s number one strength, but now time has turned her into something of a super-cougar.

CRITTER (Tenor): A small puppyish man. Young, jumpy, and generally anxious (he is often seen sporting his padded helmet for safety), Critter has fallen head-over-heels in love with The Scarlet Letter.

NIGHTMARE THE NIGHT-STALLION (Bass): A mysterious and dark superhero who lurks in the shadows. What is his big secret? A love of women’s clothing.

SUSAN MILLS/BLACK HOLE (Soprano): A jaded actress who snaps and becomes a super villain, Black Hole is emo, angry, and hellbent on destroying Supernova.


All roles paid with a small stipend TBD.


Send headshot and resume to contact@superherocelebrityrehab.com. Those scheduled for an audition will be asked to read a short side and prepare 16-32 bars of a song; pianist provided.

Casting Location: Washington, D.C.
Contact email: contact@superherocelebrityrehab.com


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