Extras Wanted Atlanta

By | November 1, 2012

Extras Casting for Advocate & Solicitor
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location: Atlanta

Category: Extras

2 plain clothes detectives – Needed on Nov 4

Driver – (black suit, white shirt/tie, poss. a chauffer cap) – Nov 4

Bar Patrons – This bar is an upscale type facility. Attire for women should be chic, classy, sharp and Men should be cosmopolitan, sharp etc. No baseball caps, tshirts, flip flops, sagging jeans….. – Nov 5

Courtroom Observers – attire should vary (please use good judgement) – Nov 10

Jury Members – Attire should be business casual and/or conservative – Nov 10

Rapper’s Entourage – 5 men attire should trendy, hip… 3 women attire should be trendy, hip, appealing as you are accompanying the men in the entourage. – Nov 10

Thug – (rough looking dressed in all black.), – Nov 11

Project: Advocate & Solicitors

Advocate and Solicitors is a legal drama television series about a law firm headed by a very powerful, prominent woman in the field of law. Together with her staff—she has created one the most envied—yet, respected law firm that try cases from the Southeast borders to the international waters. The firm is made up of a group of women–who together forms a very prestigious, high-profile-and daring all female law firm in Atlanta, GA. Chrys Moreland has ties to the international waters through her long time friend, mentor and partner Michael Perry, a woman that greed and power is her alternative blood type. However, in a blink of an eye the leading lady fines herself in the mist of a circle of greed, deception and a brutal fight to save both her firm and her life. The show gives its audience the gritty realism of life, deception and perception in a modern day world.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Atlanta
Contact email: jkaicastingatl@gmail.com

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