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Girl Group Auditions in Los Angeles, Ca.
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location: Los Angeles , California

Category: Singers

Hey there ! I’m starting a girl group in Los Angeles, California. We need 3-4 girls who can either sing or rap … Dance isn’t required šŸ™‚ also you have to be between the ages 12-14 . We want you to have a nice, fun personality . If your interested in auditioning email me at: dezzy214@yahoo.com
I’m one of the members by the way c:
Good Luck šŸ™‚

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Casting Location: Los Angeles , California
Contact email: Dezzy214@yahoo.com

3 thoughts on “Los Angeles Girl Group

  1. Dezzy

    Hey Guys ! I’m the girl that’s hosting the auditions . We need ONE more member ! We now have a deadline to audition ! Our Deadline is : November 24th ! Same requirements still apply !

  2. Dezzy

    Oh ! By the way we still will accept video auditions after the 24th! If you’re interested in auditioning email me ASAP !
    ~ Dezzy

  3. Dezzy

    We have all our members now . so yeah . Byee


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