Portland Indie Feature Film

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location: Portland, OR

Category: Film

Production Title: Homeskillet

Union/Non-union: Non-union

Production type: Independent feature

Posted on: June 19, 2012

Production location: Portland, OR

Production company: Radiant Flux Productions

Production website: www.radiantfluxproductions.com

Audition location: Portland, OR

Shooting location: Portland, OR

Email: homeskillet@radiantfluxproductions.com



Friday, June 22
Becker Productions
538 SE Ash

Please email homeskillet@radiantfluxproductions.com to schedule a time slot. We will not be able to accommodate walk-ins. Please bring headshot/resume. Cold readings from sides, monologues

Callbacks: To be announced

Shooting Starts: 2 weeks in November 2012, 2 weeks in January 2013

After the death of her teenage daughter’s friend Maggie awakens to the ‘homeless’ and goes on a protest fast that changes the lives of everyone around her.

BETH: 47-53yrs, African American, an attorney, sharp dresser, accomplished, articulate, has climbed the corporate ladder.

KATE: 43-53, a former model, slim, supremely fit, any nationality, a fitness nut.

GEOFFREY: 47-53, fit, accomplished attorney, a family man.

JIM: 47-53, Congressman, funny, smooth, committed.

MICHELLE: 40’s-60’s, Shelter director, any nationality, efficient, seen it all, knows the system.

BELLA: 18, senior in HS, protected, privileged, smart, but local PDX

HENRY: 21, college student, techy, funny, PDX boy.

MEGHAN: 18, super waifish and thin, homeless, from a good home but went the wrong way.

ALYSHA:17, bi-racial, homeless, street smart, savvy, a survivor, teen mom.

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Portland, OR
Contact email: homeskillet@radiantfluxproductions.com

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